Thursday, August 13, 2009

Thinking and Thankful Thursday

We are thinking that we need to thank Dad. See, last night, Mom was stressing out because she was tired since Hurl Grey hasn't slept at night all week but you didn't hear that from me and didn't have any ideas for our post today. So Dad said, "How about I hold my empty sundae dish up so it gets Tazo's attention and then you can take some pictures of her?" Mom thought it was a pretty good idea, so Dad held out his dish to Tazo and she stuck her paw right in it. Mom took a few pictures of her and then Dad said that if one Furry Kid got a taste, EVERY Furry Kid should have a taste. So EG gotted a couple of licks and then I did, too. Imagine that - a photoshoot WITH compensation. It's totally unheard of around here. So we're gonna give him lots of cuddles tomorrow after Mom goes to work. But don't tell her that. hehe

Your pal,


  1. It is truly amazing how humans get their inspiration sometimes!

    They are truly a weird species...almost as weird as khats!


  2. Finally! FINALLY they understand that "compensation" can work wonders!!!

  3. Bribery for photoshoots is the only way to go.
    Tail wags, the OP Pack

  4. Hmm, we'll have to think about that "compensation" thing. I bet those tastes were delicious!

  5. That photoshoot really turned into an awesome party!

  6. Oh you guys are lucky! When I make a sundae at home I always give the kitties a little plate with some squirts of whipped cream and a small bit of ice cream. That is not very often but I know kitties love ice cream.

  7. You see how much better the posing goes when treats are involved!?!?

  8. Oh, yes, the ol' empty ice cream dish ploy. Works everytime!


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