Thursday, August 27, 2009

Resting the Froot Bats

Titus is getting his froot bats ready for tomorrow. Daddy snapped this picture yesterday morning and emailed it to Mama at work. She could hardly contain her SQUEE-ing.

In other news, Daddy gived EG a new nickname this week. It is a real good one and makes Mama giggle and giggle. Please don't tell him I tolded you, but I just have to share. Are you ready?


It's Egg-raham Lincoln.


Happy Thursday!


  1. Titus, you are one incredibly handsome dude! Warm up them Frootbats, baby! We are craving us some Friday Frootbats!

    PS: We thing that Egg-raham Lincoln is an Egg-ceptional nichname. In fact, it is most Egg-cellent

  2. That photo is just too lovely! You are such a handsome guy, Titus!

    Thanks for sharing the nickname, Tazo. Excellent!

    Your Friends,
    Tommy, Tama-Chan and Sei-Chan

  3. Eggraham Lincoln? Isn't that the fellow who delivered the Gettysburg Eggdress?

  4. are you resting up for froot-bat Friday tomorrow?

    egg-raham lincoln is FUNNY

  5. That's a terrific picture of Titus, all glowy and ethereal lookin'. Quite contrary to his nature, eh?

  6. That is such a cute picture of Titus resting his frootbats! And we won't tell that you told Eg-raham's nickname (hee - it is so funny)!

  7. Egg-raham??? Hahahaha! We won't tell hahahaha!
    Looks like your frootbats are in tip top condition for tomorrow Titus.

  8. What a great pic of Titus - bliss in the sun!!! And we just love that new nickname - tee hee.

    Woos, the OP Pack

  9. haha Eggraham

    Titus, you look angelic.
    I love your eye slits. They need to be kissed

  10. Just graceful and lovely Titus~!

    And I just love that EG new nickname, wahahahahaha~~~

  11. Bwhahahahaha! Egg-raham Lincoln! Bwhahahahah!

  12. We like the artistic photo of Titus!

    And Egg-raham Lincoln ... ha ha ha ha ha!

    Is EG a Good Egg? Grampa calls someone that is very kind "a Good Egg", so Mom uses that expression too. We guess that Hurl Grey is NOT a Good Egg.

    Padre, Panda Bear, Meerkat, and Cookie and Caramel (the fosters)

    P.S. BTW, in the musical 1776, there is a song called "The Egg", which likens the new nation to an egg about to hatch. Dad does a radio show and plays show tunes and soundtracks. (Yes, our parents are musical nerds. How embarrassing.)


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