Thursday, August 7, 2008

Thursday Thirteen - Edition 56

Here's 13 thoughts I've been thinking since *last* Thursday.

1. I heard The Mom say that the VICIOUS AND RABID GOLDEN RETRIEVERS are moving away. Whew! The neighborhood will be safe again without that HORRIBLE BAND OF VICIOUS AND RABID GOLDEN RETRIEVERS ROAMING the streets. VICIOUSLY .

2. Banana-flavored medicine and chicken-flavored medicine do not taste like bananas OR chicken. They taste like a word that I'm not allowed to say. (Dear Aunt Bee, if you want me to send my clavamox to you for Sarge, then I'm on it. It's a banana-flavored antibiotic, and it may give him the squirts, just to let you know. But I'd be happy to pawn it off on Sarge mail it to you.)

3. It's kinda fun to watch The Mom "dig for treasures" in the litterbox every day.

4. Woman! If you take a picture of me as an "EG-burrito/Tiny One Week Old Baby", I just might claw your eyes out. And the fact that you give me a big, old smooch on the top of the head every time DOES NOT MAKE IT ANY LESS EMBARRASSING. (The Mom's note: He just looks soooo cute all wrapped up in the towel we have to use to give him his meds. It's just so adorable. I just know that Dorydoo would love to see a picture of him. )

5. ::singing:: A HANDFUL (hint, hint The Mom) of greenies makes the medicine go down, the medicine go down-wown, the medicine go down...

6. I'm looking into the evil twin thing. You know, like Mr Hendrix has Bendrix. But I'm having trouble coming up with a name for him. Then again, I do have a real twin sister. Hmmm. Why didn't I think of that before? I could just blame everything on Tazo *and* get her to take my medicine for me. heh heh Then again, I'm not sure she's got that "evil twin" look about her. Anybody have any suggestions?

7. If you look really pathetic, The Mom will drop everything and give you lots of attention. And then you can give her the bitey with a side of bunnykicking.

8. I have not had stinky goodness since June 22. That should be a crime. I'm totally jonesin' for some Grammy's Pot Pie. To add insult to injury, The Mom even stopped making boiled burger or chicken and rice for me. What the paw?????

9. I just can't get a good "dig to China" thing going in the stoopid, new litterboxes The Mom insists on using. We did luck out on the Breeze Box thing here. The Mom was considering it, but the whole 'tocks issue + pellets really creeped her out. Whew! We dodged that one for sure!

10. My name is Earl Grey NOT Errol Grey.

11. It's super fun to watch The Mom freak out when I pretend to eat out of the litterbox. heh heh

12. We got Titus used to waking up at 4:37 am and now we can sleep in. He gets everyone up at 4:37 am and then The Mom gets crabby at his good two shoes self, instead of me.

13. What, The Mom? I am *not* crabby.

In other news, Aunt Jen got to go home yesterday! Wahoo! Your purrs really worked. She still has her infection, but it's lots better. She can't get her chemo next week like her doctor planned, but she does get to stay home, hang with her kitty, Molly, and hopefully grow some more white blood cells. Thanks again for the awesome purrs!


  1. Those are some great thoughts Earl Grey! The evil twin thing is a good idea. It helps to have someone else to blame! As for a name we will have to think about that one! So glad your 'tocks issue is getting better!
    Your FL furiends,

  2. I think your evil twin should be GE . . . you know . . . your mirror image, Grey Earl . . . or THE GREY EARL: arch villain and nemesis! A name like that could even carry off a cape and an evil laugh.

    Good luck with the meds, buddy. It sounds HORRIBLE.

  3. those are a lot of thoughts. you need a nap

  4. oh yes, evil twins rule. mommy had a friend whose name was Eddie G*** in high school and they called him EG. We think Eddie is a good name for an evil alter. Tybalt has a good suggestion too.

    i'm sorry you're feeling sicky still. hey, if your beans take either of our pictures all wrapped up like kitty burritos to get our meds, we should band together and get revenge.

  5. What a busy miserable week for you!! I'm sorry things are so bad. I eat the litter too. The Breeze pellets are fun!


  6. I know! Maybe you could name your evil alter-ego Hurl Grey! ...or maybe not. I will think some more.

  7. That's a great list EG, well except for Tazo being the evil twin - you might have that one backwards. There couldn't possibly be an evil fur on her!

    Hi Tazo! ::waves::

  8. *whew you have to be tired after typin all that and coming up with all of those thought...I had to giggle at Daisy's suggestion...Hurl Grey....


  9. My, you sure have had a lot on your mind recently!

    We like Tybalt's idea, too. The evil Grey Earl!!

  10. Ha Ha Ha! At first I thought they were suggesting the Evil Grey Ear.

    Evil Grey Earl, that sounds better!! They all sounds equally vilanous though!

    O, think of the fun you could have!

    Purrs Goldie

  11. I say use Titus as your evil twin! Ya know ...... it may just work.

    ~ Molly ~

  12. Ok. That was a pawsum list, dude.

    As for having any interesting articles regarding clostridium, Maw doesn't have any. She just pulled up various things via the internet and checked them out. If your Mom feels like yakkin while reading them, then it would probably be best if she didn't read them. Just sayin'...

    We're glad that Aunt Jen got to go home and be with her Molly kitty.

    Hang in there, dude.

    Luf, Us

  13. LOL about your mom digging for treasures - I hope she finds some! :)

    That's great news about your Aunt Jen!

  14. That was a fun TT. We are very happy Aunt Jen got to go home. We are keeping her in our thoughts.


  15. Oh, Earl! You are just sooooo handsome and adorable. I'm glad you're feeling better! And yes, I have to admit, I'd love to see a picture of you as a burrito. I bet you look precious!

    Mom's giggling at "digging for treasures." She's called it "panning for gold!"

    I love the idea of an evil twin! I like blaming things on MaoMao. He's the naughtiest cat in this house anyhow so blaming things on him works really well even when I'm the one to blame -- bwahahahahahahahaha!

    Wow, no stinky goodness since June 22? I hope you get to have some soon!

    We Ballicai are so happy that your Aunt Jen is better! The power of the Cat Blogosphere is amazing. *GRIN*

    I'm sending you lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of whiskie kisses, cutiepie! *batting eyes*

    Love and cuddles from Dorydoo!

  16. Well, it will be nice for you to take walks in your stroller without being viciously attacked by those Vicious and Rabid Golden Retrievers!

    The EG-burrito… sounds adorable! And a big, old smooch on the top of the head – ahhh, your mom loves you!

    The evil twin thing – Tazo is far to sweet and innocent. Maybe your mom would believe a ghost cat is haunting your house???

    We want to see the bunnykicking – but not on your poor mom (how about your dad?)

  17. That are really good things to think about!

  18. EG, I think you look so kyooo-oot in your EG-burrito! And Dorydoo will love a picture of her big ol' ManCat all trussed up like a serving of fajitas! Hahahaha!

    No, really, Dude, I'm really sorry you're still have intestinal distress..that's just bites.

  19. You haven't had stinky goodness since June 22? My mom probaby would have caved if she saw me pretending to eat out of the litterbox. Nice try.


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