Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Tazo Tuesday

In other news, I am going to tattle on EG today. Last night, Mama sat down with her computer to help me blog and he curled up on her lap and purred and went to sleep. Do you believe it? Mr Tough Mancat purred. And slept on Mama. For hours. hee hee Even though Mama started to freak out and wonder if he was sick again and then spent the rest of the night watching him like a hawk. hee hee

In other other news, as an update on yesterday's post, he didn't get to go outside. Mama always tells him that if he'll wear his harness, he can go outside, but he refuses. He says his harness paralyzes him and steals his bones. I say, Latte and Skeezix and Dragonheart all have the same harness and they do just fine. Whatever. I think he's being just a little bit stubborn.


  1. We didn't care for our harnesses either when we lived in Florida, but we lived in a busy city and it was the only way we could go outside, so we got used to them. We didn't have our bones stolen, EG, so we think you'll be OK! Honest, two Gray Mancats to another!

  2. His harness paralyzes him and steals his bones? Wow!

    Deb tried to stick a harness on me once & I was having none of it. Now that I know it might steal my bones, I'm glad I was right to resist!

  3. I don't likes my harness much either but I tolerate it so I can go out in the hallways. I used to just lay down and not moves when mom put it on but now I'm used to it. You should just keep trying, it's worth it to go outside!!


  4. It is very funny how the moms get worried whenever we do something a little bit different from our normal routines!

  5. Jake has a harness and he likes it. But then he's a woofie and weird....

    ~ Molly ~

  6. Sorry you didn't get to go out EG - that harness thing doesn't sound soooo bad.
    Pearl and Jake

    Huh? Oh were there words today? Hmmmm, I was just absorbed by the lovelyness that is Tazo ::sigh::

  7. Thanks for the reminder! I need some harness time!!! I gave up on disliking laps. They're warm, comfy, and scritching usually occurs.


  8. Hahahahaha! The harness steals his bones! Wally hates the harness too! I wonder if it's because he thinks it's stealing his bones. I'll have to ask him!


  9. I agree with EG about the harness thing, but curling up on a lap is a very manly thing to do! It's good to keep humans guessing.

  10. Hi Tazo! I think EG needs to give it the ol' college try again!

  11. I don't like harnesses and I don't curl up on laps but that looks like a very comfy nap place you are on there, Tazo!

    Purrrrrrrrs, Willow

  12. EG, resist the harness, RESIST THE HARNESS. Iffen ya do theres a good chance ya get ta go out wifout it!

    It werked fer all of us...

  13. Tazo, you look great there, and very comfy! :)

    The figure-8 harnesses steal our bones and paralyze us, but the wonderful Puppia harness works great! Too bad EG doesn't like it.

  14. Hehehe. Not liking to wear a harness seems to be universal. But occasionally a kitty understands if he wants to go out he has to wear it. We hope EG will relent and try it again so he can have some fun outside.

  15. My Dad won't even let me have a harness. He's afraid I'll get too used to going out and then I'll try to sneak out on my own. EG, take advantage of it if they want to let you go out!!



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