Friday, August 1, 2008

Froot Bat Friday

Here is another video. Mom is trying to get me to show off my quivvy tail, and hoping to catch some froot bat while she's at it. I was doing both right before this was taken. And then she turned on the camera and I stopped. hehe Could anyone tell me why she gets that annoying, squeaky voice whenever she wants me to give her some froooooot baaaaat or do quivvy tail? It just makes me want to ignore her.

I did throw her a bone though. See how annoyed I look? hehe

In other news, the twins want to thank everyone for stopping by to trash the house for their birthday PAR-TAY. You guys rock. And they totally loved the shrews. hehe


  1. Moms just can't help themselves when their furry babies are so incredibly handsome - like us. ;)

  2. I just don't know how you put up with it!


  3. Silly mommies. I am proud of you Titus for holding out, I know that you are mushy like Caesar was... so I admire your strength not to give in!

    purrrs for a happy snappy week-end

  4. Titus your will power is awesome, you are really good at ignoring your Mommy!

    Hi Tazo!
    Would you like to come over and sit in the sunny spots with me? Later we can go into the garden and relax under the trees!

  5. OMC!! I missed the purrthday! Happy belated Purrthday!!!!!!

    Meowm loves your pink, frooty ears Titus!

  6. Titus, you used some extreme willpower to ignore the frootbat request! That funny voice is the Mom-loves-the-baby voice. My Mommie does it all the time, too.

  7. Aren't Mom's the strangest creatures, Titus?

  8. You're really good at the ignore pose! We love it!!! Our Meowmy uses silly voices and makes silly noises when she wants to use the flashy box too!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  9. I think all our moms sound like that when they want something from us! You did good! But I love your picture ... :)

  10. Earl Grey - I have tagged you for a meme!
    Mrs. OZ

  11. Titus, you are a rock! You hold steady when that camera is on. Never let them see you quivvy. Good way to keep your mom on her toes!

  12. Fine job! Mom always tried to get a video of me rolling in the laundry, but I always stop when she pulls the camera out.


  13. titus ... gimme sum quivvy tail pleez!

  14. Glad to have helped with the house trashing! :)

  15. My mom just loves that your mom says that! She doesn't feel quite so weird about some of the things she says to me! I think she's still weird, tho'.

  16. O, Titus, you is such a handsome woofie, you don't haf to do anyfing specshul to make good picksures.
    We had fun at tha party, too.
    Wonder if we ever got ALL the shrews back? A fews been known ta hide an take up residence. Hee hee,
    love and purrs,


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