Thursday, February 28, 2008

Thursday Thirteen - Edition 43

In light of the recent events that have caused EG to give Momma the "back of disrespect," (hee hee) we present:

Thirteen Nicknames that have been uttered in our house this week:

1. Errol Grey: Momma's been on an Errol Flynn kick lately, and let's just say that it's not boding well for EG.

2. Mr. Angry Butt Fur: Titus's butt furs have been sticking up a little when he comes in from outside lately (Because someone has been attacking me as soon as I come in the door *cough*EG*cough*)

3. Speckle/Speckle Kitt'en: I like it when Momma says, "Speeeeeeckle! Where's my Speckle?" And then I hide. hee hee

4. Eggie: EG doesn't like it when Momma says, "Where's my Eggie?" or when she says she likes her Eggies sunny side up and then tries to smooch on his white belly. hee hee

5. Quivvy Tail: Momma can get Titus to do quivvy tail just about every time she asks, "Where's my Quivvy?"

6. Mr. Whiskers: A couple of years ago, there was a grocery store commercial that showed a white bunny on like a produce review board, and one of the board members said, "Mr. Whiskers says bring the lettuce closer." It made Momma giggle so much that she started calling Titus "Mr. Whiskers."

7. Widdle One/Widdle Big One: As in, Little One and Little Big One. Only you have to say these as fast as possible in a high pitched, sing song voice. Me and EG are "Widdle One" and Titus is "Widdle Big One" because he's, well, bigger.

8. Bizzy Boy: When Momma first heard "Bizzy for Gizzy," it was over for Titus. He became Bizzy Booooooyyyyyeeeee (sort of like how Flavor Flav says "boy").

9. Thpeckle Baby/Gwey Baby/White Baby Boooyyyeee: This one is a widdle little embarrassing.

10. Smoke Stack: The yappy dawg next door is named Smokey and Daddy always calls him Smoke Stack. But it's more like, "Geez, Smoke Stack," or "Shut up, Smoke Stack." hee hee

11. Scout, Scout, Let It All Out: The cool dawg across the street is Scout. So whenever she's outside, Daddy sings the Tears for Fears song, but with "Scout" instead of "shout." It makes her momma giggle.

12. Boo Bear: This is what Momma calls Daddy. Don't tell him we told you.

13. Boo T: This is what Daddy calls Momma. It stands for Boo The Bear, but he shortened it to Boo T. Momma gets very embarrassed when he calls her that in public - because people think he's calling her Booty. Hahahahahaha!


  1. Ha ha ha! Those are some very interesting nicknames!

  2. (sigh) I feel for you all. For "someone" in your house to go public with this information is terribly embarrassing and I think "someone" deserves the paw of discipline.


  3. Hehehe, I think the best part of that is your revealing the names your beans are called. Boo T that's great! I wish I could hear how she says your names because I can say that my Meowmy calls me Sugar Bear but until you hear her say it you don't know the whole meaning of embarassed.


  4. These are nice fairly tolerable names... what ever makes them happy... sheeesh. They treat us like we are toys...

    How would they like it if.... oh never mind, they would love it


  5. Those are some fun nicknames that all of you have! We get called "Dude" or "Little guy" or "boys" a lot.

  6. Oh dear, your mommy and our mommy must have gone to the same "insane nickname school" - our list of names grows daily and gets more and more embarrassing with each addition...

    Purrs and nose kisses,
    T-bone (which is what mommy is currently calling me instead of "Tamius", instead of "Bertamius", instead of Bert - which is my name!)

  7. All your nicknames are cute. I get my belly fur smooched by my mom bean. She thinks that's so cool to turn me upside down and bury her face in my floofly belly. I think it's rather silly.


  8. Mr. Angry Butt Fur is a good one! Hahahahahaha!

  9. Oh. My. Bast. You really are us, aren't you? Right down to the Boo stuff with the humans...
    This is hilarious!
    Mommy and Daddy call each other Boo all the time!
    AND - the sunny side up stuff, Mommy does that to us too!
    We gotta meet someday!

  10. Awwwww, those are all such cute and funny nicknames! There's all kinds of weird nicknames in our house, too... sometimes the beans even call each other Ballicai! Imagine that, they want to be cats! Well, who could blame them, really.

    Love and cuddles from Dorydoo, and lots and lots of whiskie kisses to.... EGGIE!!!!! *huge girlcat grin*

  11. Those are very funny names, especially #13. That is too funny.


  12. No.12 is super sweet~~ Hahahaha~~~
    Oah Well, I won't tell your beans any , hehehe~~

  13. hehehe, #12 and #13 made Momma giggle!!!! You are such a cute and fun fambly!

    Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

  14. Oh no not the Booty word... D'boy got a t-shirt sent to him from family in Canada who went on holiday in Florida a few weeks ago. Well that's all nice I'm sure you'z thinking, but it says "Booty Hunter" on it in big letters! It may have a Pirate and treasure on it too, but d'boy's 12 yrs old this year and started blushing like a mad thing when he saw it, so My Mummy knows he's not finking treasure hunter! ;)

  15. Sooooo funny!!!!

    Love the "Shout" one. The PM started singing it to show me what you meant. Really funny.

    I am going to have to start a list too but they won't be, yeah, as this one.


  16. Goodness! Those are a lot of names to remember!

    Now Maw has Shout stuck in her head....

    Luf, Us


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