Monday, February 18, 2008

Tazo & Tattle Tail Tuesday

EG here: I had The Mom point out my stripes in the picture from yesterday. They're not as obviously stripey as they once were.

But here is a picture from when I was 5 months old. You can see the arrows a little better if you biggify the picture.

I'm sorry about the lame arrows - The Mom was using Dad's manly laptop and well, it's just not working for her.

Tazo here:
We are still recycling old pictures. And I'm still not complaining. Because I do not like having my picture taken. You can sort of see part of my "mitten" speckle in this picture.

In other news, I am going to do some tattling today. First, when Momma was working on putting the arrows on EG's stripes, she saved the pictures as "eg stripey" and "baby eg stripey." Baby EG stripey! Hahahahahahahahaha! I didn't tell him that she did that, though. It's our little secret. Hahahahahahaha!

Second of all, I'm really good at putting my lips or paw on her food. She used to throw out what ever was touched. But now (because it happens so often - hee hee), she just eats around what I've touched. As long as it doesn't have furs on it. And it really grosses Daddy out. hee hee


  1. Wow, Earl Grey, you're a tuxie AND a tabby, that's very cool. Don't let them tease you about your stripes. Stripes are handsome mancat accessories.

    We tagged you for a meme, please visit our bloggy for the rules.

  2. Wow, your mom used to throw out whatever you touched? We guess our humans are less fussy. They just eat whatever we've touched if we manage to get into their plates or bowls. Of course, we don't shed fur.

    We can see EG's stripes in his kitten photo!

  3. Ha ha ha ha! Your poor mom. My mommy eats whatever we touch or sniff. If she didn't, she would starve!

  4. Haha, yeah, sometimes I touch Momma's food. She usually says something like, "you're gross!", but then she eats it anyway.
    Your buddy, Jimmy Joe
    P.S. Happy belated birthday to Titus!

  5. I see the Mitten State!
    Mommy gave up caring about our touching her food a long time ago, but draws the line at fur too!
    ps - they went to Greektown to eat and then they went to the CASINO!
    They had fun, but didn't win a million dollars...

  6. I see the stripes, I see the stripes!

    My Mommie will eat things that I have touched. I think the "5 second rule" applies...

  7. All of the kitties in my house hate bean food! So just to be evil, we like to lick our beans food and then run off. We never eat it though, unless its popcorn. Our licking habits are just to show them whos boss!!!

  8. Not outfit - or dinner- is complete without a cat's furr or touch. Mommy can tell you a story about eating beignets with a cat paw print right in the center of one...we didn't do it though - that was our cousin Quasi Modo.

  9. yeah, our mommy eat the foods if we touch it. she just wipes it off wif a wet napkin. well Sammy nefur touches foods wif his paws. If i put my mouf on it, she lets me eat it. this is not smart if it's somefing wif hot peppers in it though.
    your stripes is cute!


  10. Yep, my mom eats what we have touched also and of course the fur is a no-no. I see your stripes, EG. I have a cousin who looks a lot like you, and he has stripes too. I think it's distinguished looking. Why would your mom dare tease you about your stripes? And now your sister is making fun of your mom labeling your pic 'baby eg stripes"? EG, I'm feeling sorry for you. And Tazo, I do see your lovely mitten.

    Thanks for suggesting Tyler Tuesday. I don't get to blog as often as I'd like, but not because it isn't my day of the week. My mom just doesn't agree to help me because she's busy-or so she says. But that was a thoughtful suggestion.

  11. :::whispers::: My mom said not to tell anyone, but she does the same thing when one of us gets into her food!

    I saw the stripes!

  12. We did see the stripes when we bigified the picture! That's very cool. And, we like the mitten.

    We won't tell EG about the file names. Shhhhh. We can keep a secret!

  13. I think between You and Tazo's food issue is very interesting~!!!
    But About the fur, I mean, beans kiss us all the time~!....

    Your stripes are very cute!

  14. Mom's memere used to say "you're going to eat a peck of dirt before you die" so I guess it's all relative.

    Nice stripes. Baby EG.


  15. HEE!!! Our Ballicus Mom sounds the same as your Mom! She eats what we touch, too. And so much of our fur gets in her coffee that she's come to think of it as seasoning.... *CHORTLE!*

    Love and cuddles to all of you, and extra warm whiskie kisses to EG!

  16. Yeah, hehe, as much of our furs as Momma injests, it's amazin she ain't hockin up hairballs!

    Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

  17. We eat mom's food all the time. She doesn't care with us cats, but because Camie is more slobery, she will just give Camie her own little bit of whatever. She figures after 37 years of living with cat and dog spit, a little more won't kill her - hehe.

    Tiki, Tavi, Cody and Camie

  18. We almost never (really) bother The Big Things food. We jus learned it wasnt a good thing (cause he wouldnt give us treats when we did that).

    So The Big Thing learned he could leave his plate wifout worryin. But when he DOES come back an see one of us hoppin down from the food table (real fast), he jus pretends he didnt notice. We "jus sniff". Really!


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