Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Tazo Tuesday

Please note the conspicuous lack of NEW photos. Please also note that I am not concerned about this, as I do not like being photographed. Please note yet again that this is a picture of me trying to nap in my special litterbox on top of the dryer, while Momma is pointing that flashy box at me. Please note my grrrrr of annoyance.

In other news, last night THIS was on TV. It's Momma's favorite show in the whole world. Oh, and THIS ranks up there, too. Momma and Daddy were giggling because I sat on the Tazo-san chair and watched the dawg show for over 45 minutes. I was just rooting for the Wire Fox Terrier, like our friend, Asta. Can't a girl just chill out and watch the tube every once in a while? hee hee

Hi Bert! :waving:


  1. Tazo, you may not like being photographed, but you look very cute in top of the dryer.

  2. We likes watching those doggie shows, too!

  3. We've never watched those dog shows but Meowmy watches them on the gym TV's when she's on the treadmill. I think that's because the Toy Man isn't so interested.


  4. I'm sorry you are always getting bugged with the flashy box when you're trying to get some R & R, Tazo. It's pretty annoying, I know.
    Your buddy, Jimmy Joe

  5. Dog shows are fun to watch! We watched some of it too!
    Hey - be sure to wave at Mommy on Friday, she'd having a business lunch in Plymouth!
    She'll wave toward you too!

  6. Those doggie shows are pretty cool to watch. Mommy has them on our tv lots, too.

  7. We don't really watch the doggie shows but we like shows about lions and tigers!

  8. ps- J. Alexanders - is that a good place???

  9. Tazo
    That dwyew must be vewy wawm and cozy.you'we a vewy clevew kitty..I was sad that the wiwy kid didn't win anything eithew..I lost intewest aftew that. Thank you fow sympathising
    smoochie kisses

  10. Yup - Haggerty road! Mommy is glad that the food is good there. She's never been to that restaurant before. She's having lunch with a Dr. who might move to O Hi O to work where she does. He's interviewing!

  11. You look very cute up there on top of the dryer. Are you going to root for the pug, tonight?


  12. Wowww...
    Great show~~~~~
    I can totally understand why this is your mom's favorite~!!!

    You are very cute in that Photo~!

  13. Mommy loves to watch the dog shows too - we always route for the Airedale first, then any terrier after that. But the Airedales never win!

    Tazo, you should let your Mommy take more pictures of you, you're so pretty! It snowed all afternoon and made Mommy's drive home really bad (she was grouchy when she got home)!


    P.S. Mommy said for your Mommy to keep an eye on the ribbons on the toy, she said that the glue she used is safe for kitties, but she's not sure if the ribbons will hold :-)

  14. We love watching the dog shows too! Freckles pretends not to watch, but we catch her glancing at the screen if a black and white dog appears!

  15. Me and mom watch this too.I have to admit some of those woofie's were cute yet not as cute as Titus :)


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