Thursday, December 3, 2009

Thursday is Hurl's Day

My plastic-mesh-string-eating plan was awesome. That Woman freaked out and cried and EG got fawned over by lots of wimmins at the v-e-t's office. The extra attentions and no medicines or special diet were awesome. The whole rectal exam wasn't exactly planned, but, well, sometimes there's collateral damage. (What's that? I wasn't supposed to mention that part? Oh, sorry about that, EG.) Plus, it's been very entertaining to watch That Woman "dig for gold" in the litterbox. She bought a rug to cover the yummy hole in the carpet that contains the yummy plastic meshy string stuff and then she sprayed everything with bad tasting spray and topped it off with habanero pepper sauce. I'm devising a plan to get around that. I'll let you know what I come up with.

In other news, I think That Woman is on to me. She's discovered that my favorite week of every month is the week before the full moon. I stay up all night every night and run around and get Tazo and Titus all crazy and we play THoE for hours. As it turns out, this week it's her busy week at work and her lack of sleep is really doing a number on her. Even though she's figured out my system, she's too tired to do anything. My plan is working perfectly!

I've also tasted some delicious pink ears and delicious dawg ankles this week. That Woman felt so guilty for all the attentions EG got so she was laying on the floor cuddling with Titus. I meandered around them, snoopervising for all they knew, until they weren't paying attention. Then kapowee! I took a big chomp on a delicious pink ear. In the ensuing ruckus, I snagged a taste of delicious dawg ankle, too. It had been so long since I'd had a taste - I'd forgotten just how delicious Titus is. I really need to get back into the whole chomping thing.

Until next time...



  1. Going kapowee is one of my favorite ways to do things!

  2. You know, HG, Christmas is coming and Santa is watching you. You better be nice to Titus or you will get coal in your stocking.

    Woos, the OP Pack

  3. As exciting as al that attention is I would hope you would stop doing that. That could be dangerous!

  4. Wow Hurl Grey you are doing a good job of causing mischief. We almost had a string incident at our house too but I caught the culprit before he swallowed it. I understand wanting attention but this is not a good kind to try for.

  5. Bendrix here: "digging for gold" ha ha ha we weren't able to visit, but kept EG in our thoughts to get all better and not have any icky meds or surgerees. of course, that would have been a great way for you to get a taste of a VET tech.

    What does Titus taste like? Cheetoes? Mommy sayz some dog's paws smell like cheetoes.

    It is hard for us evil alters this time of year. Santa coming and all.

    PS, now that you say that about the week before the full moon, mommy thinks I do the same thing. last week, even during the day, i was all over the place. we'll pay close attention next month.

  6. I still wonder why a seemingly normal hooman woman such as your mom would have evil khritters like WOO around!

    Titus - woo are way stronger than I khould be!

    EH/HG would be in Khyra's khup!


  7. I like to bite Eric's ear when he is sleeping. I wish I could taste Titus' ear.

  8. I swallowed little pompoms 3 times before The Big Thing gave up an threw them all away. Caused me grief for a week each time afore I hacked each one back up...


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