Monday, December 14, 2009

Mancat Monday

So The Mom is being lazy er, lame uh, she's busy this week.  Yeah, she's "busy" and "stressed out" so she's decided to post some of her favorite pictures of us this week, instead of taking new pictures of my handsome, mancatly self, my lovely twin sister, and those delicious pink ears. 

So this is me at my first Christmas.  I am almost 5 months old here.  Dad and The Mom gave me that orange lizard guy.  And my Grrrandma and Papa gave me that red fuzzy puff ball on a stick.  I am showing it who's boss and that is very manly.

In other news, I have made biscuits on The Mom every night for the last week.  Hurl Grey's plan is working perfectly. heh heh


Thanks fur stopping by!