Friday, December 18, 2009

Froot Bat Friday

First, to take care of a little housekeeping-type bizness, we enabled comment moderation for everything.  We're sorry - the spammers gotted us and Mom can't stand word verification, so she's taking care of it Old School style.  We, The Furry Kids, are kinda happy about it though, because it means she checks our email a lot more frequently.  She has caused us to miss out on some cool notes from our furriends in the past by not checking our email enough. Duhr.

On to the froot bats:

One picture, two treats, no "gimme some frooooooot baaaaat."

In other news (and we think this is the most important part of our post today), our hearts are heavy, Our furriend (and my froot bat mentor), Prinnie, went to the Bridge yesterday.  Rest in peace, Prinnie.  You are much loved and missed.  To your mom and dad and sisters and Pierro, we send quiet purrs and white dawg hugs.  Doesn't she have the best.froot.bats.ever?


  1. Yes she was beautiful.. I'm sad of the news :(

  2. I am up, didn't sleep that great either. Now I have a new different life to continue on without Princess.
    Yes, it is good to have Pierro and he is eager and loving
    Princess was a beautiful match with you Titus.
    Love always, Rosemary and Pierro

  3. Such a sad sad day.
    Frootbats help.

  4. Such a sad sad day.
    But frootbats do help.

  5. Princess was a very good frootbat mentor, maybe the very best! We are very sad today and thinking about her a lot.

  6. great froot bats!! our the mom's eyes leak efurrytime she see's a pikshur of prinnie or hears the name princess. we is so very sad and will miss her so much

  7. Those are great frootbats this week!

    We are very sad about Prinnie too, but we know she is now at the bridge healthy and playing and enjoying lots of treats.

    And tell your mom we understand about the comment moderation - we use the word verification on the NKC blog so comments show up right away (since there are multiple contributors) but we use both on our own blog because we hate the spammers. Of course, we hate the word verification when we have to do it because we always mess up the first time - but we use it anyway. We are crazy like that!

  8. Yes, she did have great learned well Titus!

  9. I hear woo!

    Do woo hear me?

    We visiting Prinnie's blog yesterday after we saw it on some of our furiends' blogs

    PeeEssWoo: Titus: I've got snow on the way if woo khan get away and khome play!

  10. We are very sad too that Prinnie has gone to the Bridge.
    We have comment moderation for any posts over two days old because the spammers usually seem to put their rubbish in older posts.

  11. We are very sad to hear about your friend Prinnie.
    Benny & Lily

  12. You will just have to keep doing your darling Froot Bats in honor of Prinnie. So sorry for the loss.

  13. Yes, a proper frootbat request to you, Titus, and properly answered!

    We were sad to hear about Prinnie too. She was cherished.

    We're sorry about the spam problems you have had. What a giant nuisance. We would like to catch all spammers and put them in stocks in the middle of shopping malls, with lots of rotten tomatoes available to throw at them!

  14. Sad about the Princess. She left us with many good froot bat memories.

  15. Prinnie was very pretty - so sad about her passing.

    Titus, Phantom was quite honored to be in the same photo with you at Zoolatry. Wasn't that a great shot of you, Khyra, and Phantom?

    Woos, Phantom and Thunder


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