Thursday, September 25, 2008

Thursday Thirteen - Edition 59

Because The Mom has been lazy busy, we haven't checked out sitemeter stats lately. Here are some things people have searched for that led them to us. Bet they were surprised. heh heh

1. White mustache (oh, yeah)
2. Your blinky eyes (remember that horrible video with The Mom yammering about Titus' blinky eyes?) Hahahahahaha!
3. Furry blog
4. Footie hanging
5. And one that we're not going to list because it's not G rated. Or even R rated. In fact, The Mom felt like *she* was too young for that one. heh heh

Um, after that, we're going to quit while we're ahead.

Let's see. How about 8 random things that have happened this week.

6. I got my claw stuck in The Mom's sort of sore ear piercing. She said some bad words. I hate to say it, but that's kinda what she gets for trying to get me to cuddle.

7. Dad brought home a gyro and Tazo stoled some lamb out of it and then he felt bad so he gave me and Titus a taste, too. But don't tell The Mom.

8. The Mom is addicted to playing "Tap Tap Revenge" on Dad's iPhone. It's like Dance Dance Revolution or something. It might be like Guitar Hero, but The Mom is sort of clueless about that kind of thing. Anyway, she's obsessed and it's got super annoying music that cuts into our nap time.

10. Someone had some loose 'tocks issues in the litterbox and The Mom burst into tears. heh heh (Note: It was a one time thang. I don't know why she got all freaked about it. Whatevs.)

11. I have discovered that fishy stinky goodness is DEE-LISH-US. Holy cats! I snarf it right down.

12. Dawg treats are pretty yummy, too.

13. We got up at 3:50 this morning and scored some breakfast. I think we've finally worn The Mom down. heh heh I can not wait until the time changes and we'll be having breakfast at 2:50 am. SCORE!!

Anyway, it's been pretty boring around here, as you can see. We've been catching up on naps and such. And I'm working on a real good hairball. But that's about it.

Hope everyone has a great Thursday!


  1. Sometimes I get some not so family-friendly search terms, too! Many times they are looking for somebody named "Dirty Daisy". I am the clean Daisy.

  2. We get a lot of people searching for ways to fade their Freckles. Why would anyone want to spoil such lovely spots????

    We always love catching up on the the events in your lives. It must be awfully interesting at your house!

  3. Oh! MomBean has guitar hero and DDR. She looks like a dork when she plays!

  4. Fishy stinky goodness is my favorite! Hope that hairball production is going well!

  5. sitemeter? waz dat, like it tells you whose has stumbled upon your blog?

    gonna have to check that out.

  6. Sounds like pawfect non events to me..yummie tweats and naps..and no one is sick yeah!!!! and scowing such an eawly bweakfast..way to go!
    smoochie kisses

  7. Okay...we thinks the 'tocks issue has something to do with you guys eating gyros, fishy stinky goodness and dawg treats all in one week...

    Wally, Ernie & Zoey

  8. Hahah those are funny things that brought people to your blog! I wonder what brings people to my blog... how can I find that out?
    Love Clover xo

  9. me too. i went to sitemeter and joined the free basic one. pretty cool but still nothing that shows what people google to get to my site. is sitemeter the right link for that?

  10. Those are funny things beans searched on. You know, I find a day with food in it is never boring. :)

  11. Dude has yoo ever had a neon green furball? Heh, dats sure to freak yer mom out. Yoo has to eat greenies right before yoo yack though or it wont be green enough!

  12. 3:50? I would not even DARE to wake mom up that early. You guys are gutsy. As for the rest of your thirteen... what excitement!


  13. We took our Site Meter off, so we have no clue what they search for. We're clueless about a lot of other stuff, so we don't mind.

  14. *GRIN!* This list cracked me up! You are all so cute. And I'm sending lots and lots of whiskie kisses to you, my sweet Earl!

    Love and cuddles from Dorydoo!


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