Thursday, September 18, 2008

Thursday News Flash!

EG wore his harness last night. OUTSIDE!

So EG's been really door darting a lot lately and he's had quite a bit of success getting outside when Daddy comes in the house and isn't really paying attention. And if he's not trying to get outside, he stands at the door and screams (especially when Titus is outside doing his outside bidness - and Titus says it's really, really distracting when you're trying to dookie and somecat is screaming and screaming - hee hee). So last night, Titus was outside doing his thing and EG was doing his usual - standing at the back door, screaming at the top of his lungs. So Mama said, "Fine, EG. You want to do this, we'll do it." She got his harness (which she hasn't tried on him in months) and leash. All in one big swoop, she wrangled him into his harness (thanking Titus for giving her lots of practice in getting a giant, wiggly white dawg into a harness as fast as possible at walk time) and deposited him on the patio. (All the while, that harness was stealing his bones! and making him paralyzed! and I was powerless to help my brother because I was hiding behind the dryer.) So EG is standing on the patio, all by himself, and Mama is letting him (because she has the other end of the leash, but don't tell him because he doesn't know that part). And he's super confused because he's 1) OUTSIDE (score!), but 2) boneless and paralyzed. So he did this boneless, creepy crawly maneuver to the edge of the patio and then he flopped down and rolled around. And then he sat up and sniffed all the good OUTSIDE smells. And he was starting to feel a little more comfy and then Smokey (the barky dawg next door) started barking at him and he got a little askeered. But then Smokey's mom yelled at him and he quit barking and EG calmed down. And then Titus figured out what was going on and started trying to play RAWR with EG, but that kinda askeered EG, which Titus thought was funny because he knew that he could play with EG and EG couldn't chomp his ears. So finally Mama decided to bring the boys back in the house and I was super glad because I missed them all when they were out there. She also thought that maybe EG would be cured of his screaming at the door thing, but well, no such luck. Ever since he got a taste of OUTSIDE, he's been screaming more than ever. Mama says she's just going to invest in some ear plugs. We are also very sorry that there is no photographic evidence yet, but Mama couldn't wrangle EG *and* the flashy box at the same time. hee hee All in all, it was a very exciting evening. Plus, Mama was so proud of EG that we all got treats. It was a great night. Whew!


  1. Boneless and Paralyzed. hehehe.

    Since the harness has such mysterious powers, why not just put the harness on EG when he starts hollering but leave him IN the house!

  2. Maybe EG needs a nicer harness that does not steal the bones!

  3. Wow! What an adventure!

    But how SCARY! I didn't know harnesses could STEAL YOUR BONES!!!!


  4. EG woves the outside!!! *shudders*
    I DO NOT wike the outside. No. Not at all.

  5. Heh, heh no bones - EG you're funny!

    But dood, it sounds like you were really brave and you kinda liked it - so that's great. Maybe it just takes a bit of getting used to? BTW, none of us like George when we're outside (we don't mind her in the hose, but some how outside makes her scary)!

    Hiya Tazo ::waves::
    Maybe next time EG goes out I can teleyport over and hold your paw so you don't have to hide?

    P.S. Do you guys all want to sail on the George with us tomorrow for Meow (and Bark if Titus wants to come) Like a Pirate Day?

  6. Ooooh you guys are super cute and compliment eachothers colors.

  7. That is a lot of commotion for one evening!

  8. I don't want anything that will steal your bones! However I will take treats anytime!

  9. Oh wow, Earl! That sounds like such an exciting time! Kind of scary, but very exciting! I'm not much of a door darter myself, but my brother MaoMao is. He hollers MAO MAO MAO MAO MAO MAO MAO MAO and tries to run out the door but Momma's always fast enough to stop him. Sometimes I get close enough to sniff the OUTSIDE but I'm kind of afraid of it. It looks so big. You are such a big brave mancat and you make my heart go pitter pat!

    I'm sending lots and lots of whiskie kisses!

    Love and cuddles from Dorydoo.

  10. Ok, Ok.

    I have done this maneuver before and it is NOT a paralyzed move, it is a super cautious mancat move. Stay low, heightened awareness.

    The knee-elbow slink walk is how predators sneak up on their prey.

    Really, it is.


    EG, you know what I'm talkin' about.

    purrs Goldie

  11. We all love to go outside but only Scout has to wear a harness. He's younger than us and all he wants to do is run away where ever he can as fast as he can.
    We think Titus is a cool dawg!!

  12. If Mommy tries to put anything except my collar on me, I lose my bones too. It is very disturbing!

  13. Oh, EG, I think you were very brave - who knows what weird and skeery things are out there!

  14. Whew is right! What an exciting time you guys had. It does sound scary that the harness was stealing EG's bones! How terrible!

  15. Oh,that happened to me one time. I got outside and Mom came to get me. Then I screamed every time I saw her outside or she went near the door!!!! She said that is why I don't get to go out. I would drive her nuts!!!!
    Me??????? heh,heh,heh
    Purrs Mickey

  16. Earl Grey you had a big and scary adventure especially with that harness. Hope you had fun on the patio though.

    Tell Tazo to come to our blog, I have an award for her.


  17. I don't like the outsides myself, but my harness isn't a bone stealer. When I get the harness on it means a special trip to grammas! I love gramma.

  18. Oh yeah. Screamy kids at the door get even screamier. Sorry, EG, but you know it's true.

  19. Boneless and paralyzed...ha ha ha!!! When my sissy Clover wears her harness and leash she gets all low and slinky. She does NOT like The Outdoors. So now the harness and leash are only for emergencies. But good for you, EG!


  20. EG! Dood! I'm so embarrassed. It's been days, weeks, months, who knows? since I tried my harness and I've been screamin' like a ban sidhe at the door, too! I'm gonna have to hork up some courage..or is that snort down some courage?..and try mine again!


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