Thursday, September 4, 2008

Thursday Thirteen - Edition 58

Thirteen Things that have happened around here this week:

1. EG's super special poo test came back negative so his 'tocks are free and clear. What, Mama? Oh, she says his 'tocks have not been free this summer. hee hee

2. This morning something was scratching Mama's foot in bed. She thought it was Daddy's scraggly toenail (GROSS!), but it was me. I was clawing and clawing and putting the bitey on her. Hee hee!

3. Titus stole Mama's cherry strudel that Daddy brought her from the very best German restaurant around here. He ate the whole thing and then me and EG helped him clean up the crumbs. It was pretty tasty!

4. We each got to have a taste of marshmallow this week when Mama made s'mores. Mama didn't think me and EG would eat it because we are picky about new food, but we chowed it down.

5. Spumoni ice cream is super tasty.

6. As you can tell, Daddy has left a lot of food items unattended this week.

7. I have started poking my head out the door when Mama comes home. She does not like this new habit.

8. Stinky goodness has returned to our home. Finally!

9. Mama bought us new litterboxes. We like them a lot because there's no cover and we can fling litter super far.

10. I stole a bean burrito off Mama's plate and ran into the laundry room. Then I growled at her when she tried to take it away from me. I am just a little bit embarrassed by that part.

11. The squirty water bottle has come out of hiding. I do not like it one little bit.

12. EG has been snuggling on Mama this week. She likes it a lot, but she learned pretty quick to keep her hands off (which is really hard for her to do) or she gets the bitey. hee hee

13. Titus got a post card from the V-E-T's office that says he needs to go in for a six month geezer dawg check up. Better him than us!


  1. What an exciting week, buddies! Titus, Coco is very jealous that you got to eat peanut butter. She can't eat it anymore cuz it gives her 'tocks problems.
    Your buddy, Jimmy Joe

  2. P.S. Stop by my bloggie, buddies--I have an award for you!
    Your buddy, JJ

  3. Maybe I should come by and check out all that great food you've been managing to snag . . .

  4. That is one busy week! We'll have to try Marshmallows, sounds interesting...

    Way to go on stealing the burrito my little Tea Cup! I love burritos - and Pearl always growls about stolen food (but not if you give it to her - she's so crazy). Purrhaps you'd like to come over and share some Mini-wheats today?
    Purrs and nosekisses,

  5. Don't be ashamed of growling- it was yours!!


  6. Hahahahahahaha! Your week sounds fun!

    These days we have to live with something called "packing". At least there are some empty boxes around.

    {{{{{HUGS}}}}} and prrrrrrrrrrs and tail wags,
    Jemima, Zeke, Sushi, Tiger Lily and Ruckus

  7. It sounds like you have had some delicious taste treats this week!

  8. Even wif meh box lid i can still fling litters. ... an sumtims poo... i like to push it waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back ahind da washing machine....

    Mommeh howeveh, does not always agree wif meh great plans...

  9. you guys have really scored in the food department recently!

  10. Wow!! Who needs stinky goodness when y'all get all that good bean food?? Sounds like fun, but I think Crazy Lady and D.C. would be really mad if we stole their goodies.
    :o) Thomas, Phoebe and Trixie

  11. Wow, you guys have been eating more food than me, this week.
    We are very happy to hear your tocks are all clear. We bet you must be really happy about it.


  12. *grin*, I always love your Thursday Thirteens! Best of luck to Titus at his check-up, and how sweet that Earl is snuggling your Mom. Sounds like he enjoys giving her love bites, just like I give my Mom! I love nibbling on her, especially on her elbow.

    And All Hail the Return of Stinky Goodness!

    Love and cuddles, and I'm sending many, many whiskie kisses to EG!

  13. We are glad that the 'tocks are free! Nice job with all the food stealing this week. :)

  14. Goodness. You guys steal more food than all 10 of us do from Maw & Paw!

    Luf, Us

  15. It sounds like you had a very yummy week. I take my mommy's food, but it's yucky so I just play with it under the coffee table.

  16. We'd stay away from those bean burritos! You just got over that awful 'tocks trouble and those beans can backfire on you!


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