Thursday, September 11, 2008

Thieves! On Thursday!

Tazo started to post today, but then she got too distraught. I kinda feel bad for her. In fact, I didn't even put the bitey on her last night. Am I going soft? But I digress.

Remember the crispy 'nip that The Mom kept forgetting to water? Well, she finally watered it and brought it back to life. You'd think we'd be relieved, right? Well, we're not. And here's why.

On Monday, she gave the 'nip a haircut, so that she could try drying it. Sounds promising, right? Wrong! Well, it was sort of wet because it had rained, so she took all that 'nip and laid it out on the front porch to dry (because she claims that if she would've brought it in the house we wouldn't have left it alone. Whatever). Still sounds ok, right? WRONG!

The next morning when she went out to gather it up to take to work (and I don't know why she doesn't think she can't dry it at home - we would never think of trying to get it or standing in front of the closet door and yelling. No we would not!), she noticed that it was scattered all over the front yard. This was a little bit of disturbing news to us. And, of course, she was running late so she left the 'nip, OUR 'nip that we've been waiting for all summer, scattered ALL.OVER.THE.YARD. She promised that it would be ok and that she'd take care of it when she got home from work.

So do you think that she "took care of it when she got home from work?" No, she most certainly did not. She had some lame excuse about it being dark and blah blah blah. She said she would take care of it in the morning. I'd heard that before and well, we all know what happened the night before.

So the next morning, she goes out to gather up the 'nip and guess what? Surprise, surprise. It's gone. All gone. Not even one little measly leaf. Somecat stole our 'nip! And what did she do? Did she go looking for our 'nip? Did she call the police? Did she call the FBI? Did she call the National Guard? No. She started laughing. And she laughed and laughed. And she laughed even more when Dad told her that he'd heard something rustling outside when he was watching TV real late the night before. Um, Dad. That RUSTLING was SOMECAT STEALING OUR NIP!!! I do not see how this is a laughing matter. (She claims that she was on the lookout for googly-eyed kittehs when she headed out for work, but whatever)

I don't know who would do that. Who steals someone else's 'nip? There's been this black cat that we've seen around the neighborhood and I thought it was Bendrix, but now I don't think it's Bendrix, because Bendrix WOULDN'T.STEAL.OUR.NIP. Dad thinks maybe it was Hairy Tazo, but The Mom says she hasn't seen her for a while. I don't know. I just wish that whoever tooked our nip would just bring it back. No questions asked. And Tazo's been so upset that she's gone all Victorian on me and has taken to her bed. Bert, can you come over today and help me out? You might be able to get her to snap out of it.


  1. Man, that's pretty low down to steal someone's 'nip..but, on the other paw, maybe it was somekitty without a home or maybe a home without enough green papers to get some 'nip. Or maybe it was a 'nip junkie jonesin' for a fix and'll be comin' back for some munchies!

  2. Ummm, EG? Gray brother to gray brother? If we saw some nip laying around WE would totaly nom, nom it all gone. Just saying.

  3. wow. that is just wrong to steal another cat's nip. RIGHT BILLY? - Sammy

    Uh, ME no steal your nip Sammy. ME just borrowed it. - Billy

  4. Wow! That is super upsetting and a huge disappointment. I mean . . WHAT THE PAW? Who steals nip?!

    Detective Tybalt on the case. . .

    PS: I THINK I can vouch for Ivy's whereabouts last night . . .

  5. We didn't takes it either. Though I can't actually swear Shadow was always around here, he did look googly eyed late last night ...

    ~ Molly ~

  6. That is horrible!!! I thought a coon pooping on my roof was bad but nip stealin' is really asking for a rumble.

    If you need some help, I'll come.

    purrs Goldie

  7. A 'nip thief? Oh, the maximum penalty for stealing 'nip is 3-5 hours. In the Slammer!

  8. That is just terrible! Nip addicts cannot be trusted to not steal a pile of nip that does not belong to them. You must have some nip junkies in your neighborhood.


  9. I hope that you find the thief soon and make him/her to the time for the crime!


  10. Stealing some other kitties nip - that ain't right!

    Tazo, my sweet, I'll be right over! EG and I will go nab those nip-robbers! I'll also bring over some fresh nip to revive you.


  11. Oh, Earl!!! I am so sorry to hear that somecat stole your nip! Oh, I just can't begin to imagine the horrir. Seeing as how I am the biggest Niphead in the Ballicus household, I would be as distraught as Tazo!

    I am teleporting over right away for comforting cuddles!

    And I'm sending many many many whiskie kisses, handsome.

    Love and cuddles from Dorydoo.

  12. Oh no! There's a 'nip rustler out there?

    Everycat...guard your 'nip!!

  13. we're gonna check Rascal's breath. it sounds like something he totally would've done.

  14. I got my own nip patch in the garden so I can send you some if you wants. I got plenty.

  15. We sure do hope the cat burgler that stole your nip gets caught and quick! This is very serious!

  16. What has this world come to??? Nip thieves, right under our noses! Mom says we has lots of nip growin in our garden but we's only seen bunnies an squirrels, not theivin kitties. Dis is disgraceful. Yur mom owes you, big time!
    ~ Victor "sQuint" Tabbycat
    PS what's dat bout you bitin Tazo? Mom's glad me an Nina get along, but I keep tryin to bite Nina (just gentle love nips, ya know) an she keeps whappin me. In the eye. Ow. Mom says my eye's better, but not my judgment. Hmph.

  17. This is disappointing news fron the Furry Kids Place. I Love catnip so so so much. I think I would be devastated.
    So... what is your mom going to do to rectify this horrible state of affairs?

    new toys sound good.

    Love and purrs to my dear friends in Michigan


  18. to be 100% honest with you, i would steal your nip.

  19. That is very distressing news. I think your mom owes you payback in a really big way.


  20. It wasn't me! I was only kidding yesterday when I was teasing Caroline about the giant nip plant in our yard.

  21. Oh that is a bummer Earl Grey!! You waited all that time and your nip got nipped! We hopw you can get some more!
    Your FL furiends,

  22. Cripes, that's like a felony isn't it?

  23. We think you've got some punk cats in your hood who need to be taught a lesson about messin' with other cats' nip!!! Do you want we should come over and help?
    :o) Thomas, Phoebe and Trixie


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