Thursday, April 3, 2008

Thankful Thursday Thirteen

Like a squillion years ago, we won a prize pack from Pearl, Bert, Jake, & George for knowing that George is an Airedale. Momma FINALLY helped us upload the pictures and pick out some to show you guys. We made it a Thursday Thirteen, plus Three. hee hee

Here we are checking out the mail. Titus' nose is not really sniffing EG's spot #13. Seriously.

Momma opened the envelope for us and then let us check out the inside. It smelled really, really, really, really good. Really.

There are some treats in there (Whisker Lickin's, which were super tasty).

Some treats for Titus. (Those didn't last very long.)

A little mousie that rattles when you shake it. He has very pink ears, just like Titus.

And the bestest part - homegrown, PRIMO nip!

See how I am hogging the treats and the nip? hee hee

This smells awesome! Momma couldn't even get the bag away from me.

I'm feeling a little nipped out.

Momma sprinkled some on the carpet so EG could try it out. Nom, nom, nom, nom...


I jumped off the couch to help EG with his nip.

Turns out, he didn't need any help with it at all.

I think he may have the googly eyes.

Thank you so much PB&J Gang! We loved our surprises!

::batting eyes::Bert, would you like to come over today and share some nip?

Happy Thursday everyone!



  1. Wow, what a wonderful prize package! :) You guys are really enjoying that 'nip! :)

  2. That's a great package and a big bag of nip.I've given you an award please go to my blog and see :)

  3. I am going to have to demand that 'nip is planted for us this year so we can have our own "home grown" - it looks so FUN!

  4. What great prizes! You both sure did enjoy that nip too!

  5. Wow! That looks like some good nip!

  6. Tazo, my favorite picture is of you nipped out!
    You kitties got a great prize, yippeeee

  7. Oh we're so glad you like everything! (Those woofie treats don't last long around here either!)

    Sweet Tazo,
    I would love to come visit and nip-out with you! It's such a lovely sunny day, we can share a sunbeam after.
    Purrs and headbumps,

  8. I see those goo-goo-googly eyes!

  9. Nom! Nom! Nom! That's an awesome prize!

  10. Oh Wow, that looks like it was good nip - you guys look pawsitively goofy : )

  11. Great nip out guys! Those were great presents that PB&J sent you!!

  12. What fun! You got some great stuff!

  13. Oh wow, what fun you are having with your treats and your nip! And my handsome Earl, you look so cute, all nipped out. I've gotta confess, I'm the biggest NIPHEAD of all the Ballicai. I go CRAZY! My eyes get all googly and I wallow around in it and get it all in my furs and get all excited and SPAZZY and RAZZY DAZZY... oh, thinking about it is just making me CRAZY! I'd love to teleport over and wallow around in the nip with you, cutiepie!

    Whiskie kisses, love and cuddles from Dorydoo! *GOOGLY EYES*

  14. Oh, EARL! Thank you so much! I would LOVE to come over and share in the nip... googlegooglegoogle -- ga ga ga GA... SQUEEK SQUEEK SQUEEK SQUEEK!!!!

    *BIG loopy girlcat nipped out grin!*

    Whisker kisses and love and cuddles to you, cutiepie!

  15. What a wonderful prize package you received! The treats sound so yummy, and what delightful-sounding 'nip! And EG, it looks like you and Dorydoo are having a great time nipping out together! *smile*

    Purrs and snuggles from Marilyn.

  16. Happy Thursday. You look like you enjoyed it.


  17. Oh you really wents whole hogz didn't you? Didz you EAT all dat nip??? Iz dere any left? I waz hopin' to stop by & haz a itty-bitty sampull. But I tink it looks like you haz had a good time & will be sleepin' it off.

  18. Oh, there is nothing as wunnerful as home grown nip! nipnipnipnipnip....

  19. Haw! We luf the picture of Tazo upside down on the couch all nipped out!! How funny!

    Luf, Us

  20. That was clearly top grade, primo nip as you say. I can see from your faces. FAZ

  21. Thanks for visiting us Tazo and congratulations on your prize, you guys had much fun!!

  22. Great prize!!! It looks like you guys had a rawkin' good time!!!

  23. Wow, That is all REALLY GREAT stuff. You guys know howta enjoy yer nip! I'm the only one here who REALLY likes the stuff (Skeeter will indulj init sometimes and Ayla backs away from it).



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