Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Tired Tuesday

The other day, our friend, Beethoven, posted a bunch of pictures of his cool sleeping positions. He was super cute. He had a neat idea and we thought it sounded like fun. Here's what he had to say:

I've a suggestion.
Why don't you guys who want to play, post your most creative sleeping poses on your bloggies and leave your links in my comments?
I've always wondered if other kitties sleep like me or the Giant Kitty

Here's me in my vampire-y pose.

Here's Titus all bundled up.

Here's Titus looking sort of vampire-y, but not as askeery as I am in the first picture. hee hee

Here's EG trying to hog my favoritest nappy spot in the litterbox on top of the dryer.

Hee hee

And just for Bert, a picture of me for Tazo Tuesday.

Happy Tuesday to everyone!


  1. Tazo. I like your spots. Pierro is so much like you that way. He also has grey spots.
    All of you are so snuggly.
    I need a nap now...

    Happy cozy day

  2. Very nice pictures - the first vampire one was especially scary!!

  3. we like the vampire pikshurs!! we lay like that sometime - mommy will haf to take pikshurs too!

  4. Those are great sleeping positions! The "vampire" positions are very cool. :) We'll have to get our mom to post some pictures of us sleeping. :)

  5. You are all so cute sleeping! We hardly ever sleep on our backs but we like to go under the bed together and sleep. Mom says she is going to lay on the floor and try to get some pictures.

  6. That's a scairty vampire sleeping pose, Tazo. That was very cute. Mom wants to scritchie your tummy now, so you'd better cut it out quick!

  7. Happy Tuesday indeed! We are hoping to get another chance with those computer birds. We'll ask mom when she gets home from class today. Have a great Tuesday!

  8. Hello Darling Tazo!
    I'm sorry I missed your invitation yesterday (we were very late in commenting yesterday). Purrhaps we could visit today, it's a lovely sunny day, but probably warmer at your house :-)

    Your vampire sleeping pose made my heart flutter! Mommy used to call that "sleeping like people" when my big sister did it, but vampire is better!

    Purrs and Nosekisses,
    Your Bert

  9. I like the vampire-y position!

    No the mousies are not rattling kind....but they are still fun!

  10. Those Vampire sleeping poses are very cute! I do not think I have ever done a vampire sleep before. But I'm not sure, because I'm always asleep so I can't check.

  11. I like the Vampire sleeping poses the best, they are so cute! The picture of Titus with....is that your Dad?, is really cute too.

  12. These are perfect photos!!!
    you makes michico wants to sleep more and more, she is very tired at Moscow, hahahah~~~~
    Very sweet cuddle photos!!

  13. You'd be hard pressed to get a picture of me sleeping in the winter. I'm under the covers!!!!!

    Jan's Funny Farm

  14. Titus makes a goods vampire lookin doggy.

  15. I hate to disappoint you Tazo, but I don't think you look scary at all. Cute yes, but not scary. Maybe bigger vampire fangs would help.


    PS EG, you don't look happy having to share your bed.

  16. hehehe, those are adorabble sleepin pozzishuns! The vampire one is sooooo cute!

    Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

    dorydoo's sendin lots of whiskie kisses and makin googly eyes at EG!

  17. Hahahaha!! Those are great!! That is a cool idea too that Beethoven had :) We might have to try it too!!
    Purrs Mickey

  18. hahahahahaha! You iz all justee a hoot & a half. Your furry funny & important to me. I lovez you.
    Tanks fur makin' my birf-day da bestee evfur!

    (HIC!) Dr T

  19. Them is some furry cute photos of you all !


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