Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Toe-Hawkless Tuesday

Last week, these were my toes. Notice the toe-hawk that I'm sporting. I've been working on it for months. (Sorry for the weird picture - Mom was "trying out" some photography stuff. :rolling eyes: Usually, we try to spare you guys her "experiments," but in this case, it couldn't really be helped since this is the best picture we have of my toe-hawk.)

Apparently, Dad noticed my super duper toe-hawk, too. Because he got some scissors and oh.my.paw. Check out what he did:

Look at my poor, naked, toe-hawkless toes. The horror! This is so embarrassing. I put up with a lot around here. My poor, delicious, pink ears take quite a beating. Someone *cough*EG*cough* is always trying to grab my tail. I only get fed twice a day. I could go on and on. I can't believe what he did to me. All because he didn't want me "to slip on the floor." Dude! What the paw? And it's not even EVEN! And to add insult to injury, he was trying to get Mom to give me tummy scritches while he was cutting on my toe-hawk. Like that would make a difference. I give her props, though, because she told him that this was his project and she wasn't having any part of it. hehe

Tazo here: On a lighter note, here is a picture of me looking out the window. For TAZO TUESDAY. Ahem. Yes, TAZO TUESDAY.


  1. Oh, Titus, we're so sorry your dad cut your toe hawk! What a lame excuse -- "slip on the floor" -- what will he think of next? You do put up with a lot. It's a good thing you are such a patient, lovable guy.

    Tazo, whatcha looking at?

  2. Those WERE impressive toe-hawks! Too bad you had to lose them dude. I never get to grow mine either.
    Yours in sorrow,

  3. Poor Titus! Oh, the idignity! I am very sorry about your missing toehawk. I really don't know how you put up with it.

  4. Titus, we're sorry to hear you lost your toe hawk. But we think fur is over-rated.

    Tazo, you look very cute looking out the window!

  5. How rude of your Dad to cut your toe hawk!! We mean, how could he? You worked so hard to grow that toe hawk and then he just comes a long and cuts it! Beans is weird!!

  6. I won't let Mommy do that to me Titus! I pull my paws away and then run around so she can't catch me. The only problem is that then she takes me to the groomer instead, I guess I'd better get over it!


    P.S. Bert says hi to Tazo.

  7. Too bad you lost your toe-hawk. It was rad! But the well-groomed look is nice, too.

  8. Tazo, that is such a cute picture of you looking out he window.

    Poor Titus, no more toe-hawk for you. Hopefully, it won't take long to re-grow your toe-hawk!

  9. Tazo, Happy Tazo Tuesday!! I loooovvve your tail, so stripey!!
    Titus, so sorry your toes got the buzz cut...

    I hope you are haivng a sunny day!!
    here... finally sun!

  10. Awwww, Titus! I'm sorry you losted yur toe hawk! And that's a cute pickshure of Tazo lookin outta window!

    Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

    ps -- Dorydoo's sendin lots of whiskie kissies to EG!

  11. Oh what was that dad bean thinkings? How dare he cuts your toehawks! You should lick him alot, with a really wet tongue while he sleeps to get back at hims.

    Tazo, cute as always!

  12. Toe hawk! I never heard that name before. Hahaha, we like it. We try to cut our cat's toe nails. Not happening!

  13. I am so sorry to learn of your ordeal Titus. I hope you complained appropriately! I keep hearing talk about the groomer. It is a good thing I love her!


    Tazo Tuesday - what a great idea!

    Tiger Lily

  14. toe-hawk?????
    harharhar! i'm laffin an laffin!
    u look verree hansum now titus.
    (even widowt yer toe-hawk!)

  15. Hi friends!
    Titus - I am so sorry about your toe-hawk. It looked really cool. But now your feet look cute!
    Love Clover xo

  16. I can't believe he cut your toe-hawk off!!!!! I hope you slobbered all over him!

  17. Titus, I'm that sorry about your tow-hawk bein' trimmed-and in the name of so-called "safety", too! Not only that, they tried to distract you with the ol' tummy rub trick.

    On the other hand, I hear chicks dig the smooth look. ::shrugs::


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