Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Wondering on Wednesday

So here I was, snoozing in Titus' bed, and Mama decided that she just had to get a picture of me.  Which woke me up.  See how crabilated I look?

In other news, I am wondering about something.  Every morning when Mama leaves for work, she gives us all a smooch and a skritch behind the ears and tells us she loves us and to have a good day.  That's pretty much where it ends for Titus and me.  However, she ALWAYS adds, "And you be a good boy today," for EG.  I wonder why that is??? hee hee


  1. our the mom gives each of us a kissy and says "I love you" to each of us and then when she gets to the door she says "you all be good boys and girls today". UH GIRLS? She saided that she usded to say that to Trixie, Norton and Ralphie for 18 years and that it's a hard habit to break. I say she's just plain NUTSO. - Miles

  2. Every day our human goes through a whole ritual--she has to do a head count (gees, there's only 3 of us!), tell us all to have a good day, to have fun but not to destroy the house (as if!), she has to ask Goddess Bastet to keep us all safe from all illness and all harm, ask angel Chumley to watch over us, and then tell us she'll be home after work, the Fates/gods/goddesses willing.

    She's really weird. We're not even listening to her, you know. Oops, don't tell her that!

  3. We hear Darci is having a birthday today. Happy Birthday!

  4. I khan't imagine why she feels khompelled to say THAT!

    She's probably lukhky HG/EG doesn't attakhk her then!

    ANYWAY, Happy Happy Birthday your mom!

    I'm sure woo will dekhorate the place fur the pawty whilst she's earning green papers fur nom noms!

    Khyra & Khousin Merdie
    PeeEssWoo: Hi Titus - please give her a big khyss from us!

  5. Maybe she knows he will not be a good boy! :) Happy Birthday Darci!

  6. Maybe she knows he will not be a good boy! :) Happy Birthday Darci!

    Cats of Wildcat Woods

  7. My human doesn't do that. Ever. Now I think I'll go sulk.

  8. I always tell Riley to be nice to his sisters ... he is my trouble maker ^,,^

  9. Maybe yoor mom should not remind EG dat HG exhists...Happy Birthday to her too!

  10. You do look crabilated.

    Our Mom always tells either Raymond or me that "you are in charge today" when she leaves. We like that.

  11. Quite crabilated!

    My mom says, "Be good, no fighting or biting, and don't let anyone in. See you at lunch, kids!"

    Now, really, the only time I'd open the door would be to get more weatherstripping!

  12. Our mum says 'be good boys, won't be long'. When she goes on holiday she says 'Be good boys for your aunties. We'll be a bit longer this time, then her face leaks all over us.

  13. Maybe Mom needs to take him to work with her:) Does he ever listen to her? How nice of Titus to let you snooze in his bed!

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  14. We have no idea why your mom would say that - ha ha! Our mom does that but then she always tells at least one of us that we are in charge (even if dad is home, she still leaves us kitties in charge!)

    We can see why your mom wanted to get a picture - you look very cute on that big bed!

  15. yep..anything for a picture..the nerve waking you up..
    Benny & Lily

  16. Tazo, you do not look crabby, you look very sweet. I love your furs. They are a lot like mine.
    Titus has a good bed. I am glad you can share it with him.

    I am never naughty
    Mom says I am almost too good

  17. Tazo, you're so cute there!! Our mom ALWAYS says to us "be good" everytime she leaves in the morning. She knows us too well...

  18. Routines are good, our mewmie always does a headcount before she leaves us to go dayhunting!


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