Wednesday, March 24, 2010

What the Paw?!?! Wednesday

Titus here.  Last night, Mom got all fancy with dinner and decided to put bananers in her Grape Nuts. hehehe Mom says that having a snack at our house is a pain in the 'tocks, because two out of three Furry Kids are "pesty." Whatever that means.  Anyway, she had a bananer that was getting yucky and she didn't want to throw it away (and we all know that she won't bake bananer bread for me and Dad).  So she decided to put it in her cereal.  She was expecting a big problem because it takes at least 3 hands to prepare a bowl of cereal (one had to take care of the cereal part and at least two hands to wrangle the Furry Kids). But she was super surprised because as soon as she busted out the bananer, the twins ran away.  Apparently, it's like Kitteh Kryptonite or something.  She kept waving pieces of bananer in front of them and they kept backing away from it.  So Mom got to prepare and eat her cereal in peace.  And she was so happy about it that she shared her  bananer with me.  Bananer is one of the more delicious froots, you know.  Daisy's sister, Pixie, eated bananers all the time.

Anyway, here is photographic evidence that the twins hate bananers.

Look at EG.  He's trying to get super far away from the bananer.  So far away in fact, that he's teetering on the edge of the counter.  Go ahead and say it, Khyra. hehehe

And here is Tazo.  She is giving the bananer a very hard stare.

So today, Mom says she's going to spend the day collecting recipes for bananer-type things so that she can continue to eat snacks in peace. Now to lull her into thinking that she can leave those snacks someplace where I can reach them...


  1. LOL! Our human loves banana on her Grape Nuts, but we've never tried banana. We think it's hilarious that Tazo and EG have a real aversion to them!

  2. We are pretty picky about bananas too, we don't like them unless they are mixed in something like a muffin. We spit out the real thing. And mom won't eat one if it is overripe. She likes them yellow with maybe one or two spots - talk about being picky.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  3. We do not eat froots, but we sure eat up frootbats, Mr. T!

    Kitty Kryptonite may come in very, very handy when it comes to HG! Maybe your Mom could rub some on your ears to make them less delicious! hehehehe!

  4. That is funny that they are kitty kryptonite. We don't care about them either way, but we do know there are cats that eat them. We hope your mom doesn't put them into everything now!

  5. I wonder why they don't like the banana? I don't love them the way Pixie did but I am not that worried about them!

  6. My dog, Bella, loves bananas. And, I mean LOVES them.

  7. Well, we turn mushy bananas into bonesikhles - and we mash in other flavourings too: peanut butter, yogurt, etc

    BUT I see an awesome new flavour khombo

    HG/Tazo Bonesikhles!

    Nom Nom Nom ! ! !

    My mom and I both share the upturned nose fur anything but firm bananas - if we don't eat them then, they sit until they are deemed mashing fur me worthy!

    PeeEssWoo: Hey Titus - do woo need help harvesting those ingredients fur me?

  8. Way to go, Titus! Maybe I can get #1 to bake some banana bread and send it to you? She makes a good one!

    As for the "others", maybe you have finally found the secret weapon against HG. Try hanging a banana from your ears maybe?


  9. I love bananas! Grape nuts....I'll have to try that! Thanks!

  10. Our humans love bananers too. We wrinkle our noses at them things, too.

  11. YUCKY bananers. My daddy eats them all the time. they stink really bad.
    mom has a banaer bread recipe that has oatie meal in it. That is supposed to be good or something.


    bonks EG and tazo. Don't fall off the counter

  12. Hmm, The Big Thing make bernaner cake alla time an we dont want anny part of it. Must be like the cat-who-came-before who liked lettuce and we hated the smell of it.

  13. We've never tried nanners, so next time mom has one we will be "pesty". tee hee!

  14. Hahahah - "kitty kryptonite!" Even though Pixie loved bananers, I refuse to try any myself. But I'm glad you liked it, Titus!

  15. Now that's interesting. I love 'nanas and lick them right out of Mom's cereal bowl!


  16. Oh, I too think bananers are delicious.


  17. Obviously the kitties have gone through Monty Python's "self-defense against fruit" class.

  18. We don't like bananas either. I, Niko, am not fraid of em..but Cloud is terrified of em! Cloud has a bad habit of climbing on tables where she is not allowed, so if she is being particularly stubborn about wanting to be on a table or if the beans have company over, they put bananas on the table to keep Cloud away.


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