Monday, November 23, 2009

Mancat Monday

Mancats do not eat black beans. Please study the following picture:

The red arrows point to the bean pieces. I stoled a bean off The Mom's plate, but I was tricked. Black beans are no good. I am not a vegemetarian. The blue arrows point to the shadow of my head. I was giving the bean pieces a very hard stare. Because they are rude and un-delicious.

In other news, The Mom has started calling me Eggward Cullen Grey and keeps saying that she's with Team Eggward. I'm not sure what that means, but it's kinda annoying. Though, Eggward is better than Eggraham Lincoln. :sigh:

In other other news, HG eated about half of a plastic bag over the weekend. Obviously, The Mom freaked out and has been "digging for gold" in the litterbox looking for pieces of plastic. It is awesome. heh heh


  1. Honestly, EG! Plastic bags?!

    We're confused buy all this "team" stuff... Is it because we're European?

  2. LOL! I hope u will found the gold!

  3. Plastic is not good. Beans aren't very tasty either, but no more plastic, please.

    Woos, the OP Pack

  4. Oh no...not PLASTICS!! Those are very bad. One of the "cats that came before" ate plastics and had to have two surgeries.

    Your friend

  5. Ewwwww, beans are disgusting! The beans seeem to like them. I hope HG is going to be alright. He really should stay away from plastic!

  6. Ick, beans?!?!? There ought to be a law!

    (But I bet Titus would eat them.)

  7. whew, thanks for letting us know so we didn't steal anything for nothing
    Benny & Lily

  8. Hey! Deb's on Team Eggward too! Freckles is more of a Team Jacob fan. Werewolves have always fascinated her.

    But, plastic, HG, honestly that's a bit much!

  9. Percy likes plastic too. What's the fascination?


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