Thursday, September 24, 2009

Thursday is Hurl's Day

So last week, That Woman and The Dad-Type-Guy took all of The Furry Kids to the v-e-t for their check ups. It started out by me and Tazo getting shoved in our PTUs and getting thrown into the tan machine. We drove and drove and drove for like a squillion hours and then we gotted to the v-e-t. The whole way there, me and Tazo yelled at The Dad-Type-Guy to take us back home, but he wouldn't. Titus, being his usual goody two shoes self, just sat in the back seat and looked out the window.

Finally, we gotted to the v-e-t. Titus, as usual, gotted a ton of attention. His favorite girl at the v-e-t (next to That Woman, of course) came out of the back room and gave him lots of scritches and fawned all over him. Whatever. He gotted weighed in the waiting room (how horrible that everyone in there sees how much you weigh!) and then we went into the exam room. Me and Tazo gotted weighed - that was horrible, too. The Dr P came in.

She checked out Titus first. Of course, he was doing the whole I'm-adorable-and-I-have-delicious-pink-ears thing. They fall for it every time. Again, whatever. Here's his report card. Please note that it says that he is a "perfect weight" and "sweetheart." Blah, blah, blah. The only good part is that he has to get his teeths cleaned in a couple of weeks (but don't tell him - he doesn't know about it yet). Another funny thing is that when he gotted the one vaccination that is the nose drops one, That Woman tripped and stepped on his foot at the same time the lady shooted the stuff in his nose, so he screamed like a little girl and then he snootered it all over That Woman. heh heh

Tazo REALLY hates the v-e-t so she hung out in the PTU and pretended that no one could see her. Unfortunately, it didn't work. She gotted weighed and then Dr P checked her out. She gotted poked in her belly and Dr P looked at her eye that's been kinda gooby lately mostly because somekitteh played THoE waaaay too enthusiastically and whapped her in the face. She hated every minute of it. As soon as she was done, she wented back in the PTU and stayed there and hoped that everyone would leave her alone. Her report card says that she has to lose some weight (9 whole ounces!) and that she's "beautiful." Again, blah blah blah.

Now, to get down to the best part. First of all, I'm a little hissed off because they only call me "Earl" when I'm there. My name is Earl Grey. Or EG, for short. So please note that they wrote the wrong name on there. Second, Dr P and That Woman had never seen me at the v-e-t's office when I've been healthy. Let's just say that they were waaaayy wrong on the name on the chart. Because Hurl Grey wented to the v-e-t instead. Let's just say that Bendrix would be proud. I believe That Woman referred to me as "feisty." I strutted around the exam room. I refused to look at Dr P when she was trying to look at my eyeballs. I moved my head every time she tried to look in my ears. I swiped at her with my clawrs when she tried to listen to my heart. I may or may not have tried to give her the bitey when she was poking at my belleh. heh heh
Notice my report card says that I am a "personality." Oh yeah. That Woman also mentioned to them that I like to chomp on those delicious pink ears and then The Dad-Type-Guy and That Woman heard everyone whispering in the back about how I beat up on Titus. heh heh

The bad news about the whole thing? Me and Tazo have to cut back on our foods. It is so wrong. Mr Delicious-Pink-Ears is "perfect" and WE have to cut back on the kibble? Very wrong. But all in all, we're healthy, we gotted our shots, and we don't have to go back for a long, long time. It's a good thing, too, because it wore us all out. As soon as we gotted home, we had our supper and we all took a nap (even That Woman). I'm glad it's over, but I think I'm gonna have to consult with Bendrix about how to behave before my next visit.



  1. Hee hee, I finks Bendrix would be furry proud of you, EG.
    Love & Purrs,

    pee ess: Don't you just get irritated wif all tha "goody two shoes" types.

  2. I am glad all of you are healthy!

  3. I know I know!!! Do what I do! PEE on the v-e-t. - Miles

  4. Great to hear you all got good reports, even better that you are safe from THAT again for a long time. We will try to remember to always call you Earl Grey and not just Earl.

    Woos, the OP Pack

  5. Way to go Titus
    Way to go

    Way to go Titus
    Way to go

    Woo show those KHRITTERS!

    PeeEssWoo: I knew woo would like Asia! I thought of woo straightaway when I saw her pikhs!

  6. You must've been on your best behavior, HG. Because the report card clearly sez "No behavioral issues". What's up with that?

  7. Wow what a day at the VET - I mean, first the having to go, then the shots, then finding out you have to eat less. That is not fun in any way!

  8. Well, I think this is really unfair.
    Taxo weighs tons more than you two combined. I think there was a mistake.

    I hate the vet place, I am like Tazo, drag me out of my prison box, fondle and molest me and let me go back and don't forget to cover me completely with my pink blankie.

    I am glad that you guys make it back home safe and sound.

  9. That was not a fun day was it, then to add insult to injury you get told you are going to be starved. Sounds like a good case for pillow pooping.

  10. You know EG, there's something wrong when you get weighed where the darn whole world can see you and THEN they have the nerve to call you by the wrong name. You definitely did the right thing in giving the bitey to that doctor!!

  11. I think a little Pee Queen-type action is in order after that ordeal!

  12. "Such a personality"? That's pretty non-committal. I hope you are plotting revenge.

  13. i know when i have to go to the people vet i always have to have a nap when i get home. why do you suppose that is? do the vets make us sleep so they can see inside us? hmmm... and i think you are purrfect, eat whatever you want honey...

    smiles, auntie bee

  14. Awwww, I'm so glad that all of you had good checkups at the vet. I'm sending lots and lots of whiskie kisses to my darling EG!

    And people say I have Purrsonality, too. Earl, we are truly a match made in heaven, purrrrrr!

    Love and cuddles from Dorydoo.


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