Thursday, May 14, 2009

Thursday Hurlsday


It's been a slow week for me here at the Casa de Furry Kids. I only woke The Mom up every two hours all night long (by a giant bitey or some boobwalking or by chewing on the metal part of the bed) for ONLY three weeknights in a row. I told her it could've been so much worse. There was only one scratch on Titus' nose and not one chomp on a delicious pink ear. I showed restraint, I tell ya. Last night, I put a giant bitey on The Dad instead of The Mom (she's always talking about how I do that in the middle of the night and he gets soooo jealous, so I let him in on the fun). And I licked some of the ranch dressing off The Mom's salad when she wasn't looking, just to make sure that it was ok for her.
Wait a second. What am I doing? Have I run out of bad things to do? Am I going soft? This is disturbing. I need to talk to Bendrix.


  1. Thank Dog it is ALMOST Froot Bat Friday!

    PeeEssWoo: Hi Titus!

  2. You just gathering strength for the really BIG project!!!

  3. rest up Hurl, summer is coming and you need your energy

  4. Restraint. That's a good one, HG!

  5. Hurl it sounds like you have a pretty full plate right now. We think you were right to put the bitey on your Dad, why should Mom get all the fun??


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