Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Titus on Tuesday: A Defense (and a Tattle)

Let me ask you - is this the face of a criminal???

As you may or may not have heard (if your parents are on that awful Facebook), I was accused of bunn-icide on Sunday (a charge which was later changed to bun-napping after the victim bunny hopped away). But it's soooo not as bad as Mom made it out to be.

See, Mom let me in from outside and didn't notice that there was something in my mouth. Dad pointed out that there were legs hanging from my mouth and Mom tried to get me to go back outside. When I wouldn't go, *she* ran outside, screaming like a little girl. Dad finally got me outside and Mom saw the legs and started running around and screaming. Since it looked like she was playing a super fun game of RAWR, I started chasing her. It was so much fun, but apparently she didn't think it was nearly as fun as I did. She wouldn't stop screaming so Dad told her to go back in the house.

A few minutes later, she came back out with a tasty treat, but I wouldn't drop the legs even for that. In fact, as soon as I saw her, I ran over to show her what I had. Which started the whole running around screaming thing again. Which got me all excited and I started chasing her. hehe Dad sent her back in the house and told her not to come back out. hehe

I finally dropped the legs and Dad noticed that it was a little bunny. He took me in the house and gave me a piece of delicious jerky to distract me and went back outside to see about the bunny. He came back in and told Mom that it was just sitting on the patio, covered in dawg spit. He went to the garage to get something to move it with (or for something way more sad that Mom doesn't even want to think about). By the time he got back, it was hopping away. It hopped under the fence into the neighbor's yard. He said it seemed fine - no limping, no nothing else gross or sad that Mom doesn't want to think about.

Needless to say, Mom was not that thrilled with me. I got a lecture about bunnies and the whole we-do-not-eat-bunnies-they-are-our-friends and we had to go over the whole Feet and Tails Rule. AGAIN. Sheesh. I got checked for fleas (sheesh, eat one bunny a long time ago and bring in a ton of fleas and they never forget it). Any time I go outside now, there's someone standing there - watching me do my stuff and making sure that I don't eat anything. I have not had a good smooch from Mom since early Sunday afternoon. I think I've been punished enough - especially when I didn't do anything wrong.

See, I didn't kill the bunny. He wasn't even harmed. I didn't even bun-nap him. I was just bringing him inside so that we could be friends. Yep, that's it.

Mom did say she was grateful that I didn't drop the bunny in the house - she thinks it would have been mayhem. hehe

Anyway, I DID NOT kill or bun-nap anyone. Mr Bun was my new friend and he wanted to live with us. That is my story and I'm sticking to it.

As for the tattling part - After the whole bunny incident, Mom made Dad take her to the b-a-r and she drank lots of adult beverages to "steady her nerves". And she's taking to calling me "Bitus" - like *I* have an evil twin now.


  1. That was a close escape (for you of course) and the bunny! Mom's always scream, if anything happens to anything cute, don't they? Sheesh! Hope you didn't get fleas!

  2. Bitus... hehehe

    We think your Mom overreacted. Of course, we know you were probably under the evil spell of Hurl Grey. You would never harm a bunny. As evidence, despite many attempts by HG to eat your delicious pink ears, he's still there to tell the tale!

  3. Bravo My Pal!


    Let's see the khats do THAT!

    PeeEssWoo: Dang says Mom - wish she had time to chekhk her FB so she would have seen about this great feat then!

  4. haha The whole chasin da mom around the yard squeelin like a wee child is funny as ... insert bad werd!

    And yoo shud has a evil twin, dat way yoo know in case sumfin happened yoo didnt want to own up to .. just sayin

  5. What a picture you mum must have made screaming & runnin' around the yard!!!
    Titus, you were really rescuing that bunny from some other nasty fate weren't you? You saved its life, right? Say yes....

  6. Well, all's well that ends well! I'm glad the bunny did not get hurted.

    Something similar happens when Harley catches one of the lizards that sneaks inside the house. He REFUSES to let go, and my Mommie can see the legs and tail hanging out of his mouth. She knows not to pry his mouth open because he'll just clamp down harder. Usually a treat will get him to let go and then my Mommie grabs the lizard with a paper towel and releases him outside.

  7. Nigel needs to hang with with Titus for a bit. He's a Greyhound, and shared his house with a rabbit for years without even trying to get a little taste!

  8. We believe you Titus, you were just trying to bring the little bunny inside but your jaws wouldn't unlock. You like to play RAWR? The Tall man is really good at that game!


  9. of course you was trying to be furriends wif the Bunny. our The Mom says that you look so furry sad in that pikshur - like you is gonna cry . She says she wants to gif you hugs and smoocy kissies 'acause you look so sad.

    Bitus!! What a great name for your evil twin!

  10. Two questions -

    Does it taste like Chicken? (Furry minds want to know).

    If carrying a rabbit's foot is lucky, weren't you just trying to share all of that luck with your mom?

  11. Mommy would have been right there screaming.

  12. My Mommy would have done the exact same thing. Right down to the adult beverages...

  13. hello titus its dennis the vizsla dog hay i hav herd that my sister trixie did sumthing like that with a baby possum wunse!!! mama reskyewd it frum her and kleened it up and tuk it to the wildlife rehabilitayshun senter i dont no wot it is with mamas and not wanting us dogs to hav owr own pets!!! ok bye

  14. We of the bunny persuasion believe Titus's story about the bunny wanting to come in to visit. Who wouldn't want to visit the exciting residents of your house!


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