Friday, June 1, 2012

Froot Bat Friday

The Mom likes this picture of me because she says I'm smiling. I'm smiling only because she is holding a tiny bit of burrito out for me. See what happens when you hook me up with treats, The Mom?  I actually look *happy*.

In other news, I kinda sorta made a bird go deaded the other night. It was awesome.  I never caught a bird before. The Mom was screaming and running around and trying to keep me from nomming it. Then she ran in the house screaming for Dad and it freaked out the twins and made them all poofy. Sheesh, lady. Chillax.  Anyway, Dad came out and got a shovel and took care of the evidence.  He told The Mom that the bird even left guts on the shovel.  She gagged because she's super wimpy. Whatever.  It's good to have a Dad that has your back.  Plus, The Mom hasn't been slobbering all over me because she says I have bird breath. hehehe

Here's the scorecard (if you've been keeping track):

Shadow & Titus: 1  Squirrel: 0
Titus: 0  Baby bunneh: 1
Titus:1  Bird: 0

Anyway, have a great weekend, everybuddy!


  1. as always - great froot bats Titus - we love the addition of the tongue!!!

  2. Bird breath is waaaay better than bird brains, dude. Obvsly... Just ask the bird.

  3. No wonder your smiling Titus, bird breath is great. You can come and breathe it on us any time.

  4. Great pic, Titus!

    I have been brainwashed from my youngest age never to touch any birds... Such a bore!


  5. Titus, I'm wif yoow Mom, but then, I'm a wimpy giwl too
    I'd stick wif the buwwito
    Smoochie kisses

  6. I'm sure it was just an assy-dent that the fevver got deaded. Anyways, great froot-bats! Our Mommy looks forward to these efurry Friday! (she sends kissies to your nose) xoxo

  7. We thought the same thing, you are smiling!
    Benny & Lily

  8. Oh dear! I have never caught anything. You must be sooper fast!

    Poppy the LBC


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