Friday, January 28, 2011

Froot Bat Friday

TREATS! I got 'em!  It was awesome!  She did say those words, but it was ok.  BECAUSE SHE HAD A HANDFUL OF TREATS! MORE THAN ONE TREAT! DO YOU BELIEVE IT????

In other news, EG (or HG, as the case may be) is back to his old self:  staying up all night, trying to eat plastic, climbing in the cabinets, you know the drill.  Mom's been kinda overzealous about the whole plastic ban we've got going.  She's constantly yelling at Dad and the Tile Guy to put their bags away. And she's threatening to put baby locks all over the house if they don't straighten up. BOL

Oh, and this made the rounds on that facebook thingy, and I should probably let Tazo do this on Tattle Tail Tuesday, but it's just too good. BOL (If you're at work or around other furkids, you might want to turn down your volume. hehehe)

Sorry it's so weird looking - Mom's not all hip on the video type stuff.

Anyway, we hope you all have a great weekend!


  1. Great froot bats!! EG is quite the singer....

  2. You look fabulous on Friday !!! My girls love their bones. I spoil them just a bit.

    The kitty singing .. cute. My Ashton talks the whole car ride.

  3. Nice frootbats Titus. The treats made it worthwhile for you.
    EG has a lot to say about his car trip.

  4. EG you are such a cool mancat!
    YOu should have just pOOped right in the box and stunk up the car

    Titus, you are looking great today

    bonks to all of you

  5. Froot Bats AND khytty torture!

    What a purrrrrfekht post!


  6. Fabulous frootbats today,, Titus!! And we're glad that EG is back to his old tricks.

  7. Glad EG is doing so much better. Maybe we should start a PEA (Plastic Eater Anonymous) group. We'd sign up Percy.

  8. Wow, Earl, whats the deal with plastic? That stuff is BAD...

  9. Great frootbats, Titus! And that EG sure can sing!

  10. Fantastic FrootBaT !!

    cute CUTE VIDEO : )

  11. ....P/S I think kitty IS telling on you. out- out-out, NOW!!!! says kitty : ) let me outta here.

    awwwww.....sooo sweet.


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