Sunday, January 16, 2011

Celebratin' on Sunday

The Mom here. EG is home!!!

The v-e-t called this morning. EG had no pukes overnight. He also pooped out a bunch of paper, plastic, and 4" piece of string at 4 am. She said that the test for pancreatitis and the urinalysis were normal. He also didn't have any tummy pain when she examined him this morning. Since he was doing so well, he got to come home. He's on a bland diet for two days and he has to take an antibiotic and pepcid for a week.

I'm pretty sure he'll have lots more to tell you guys later. For now, he's chillaxing on his purr pad and trying to groom the v-e-t stink off his furs.

Thank you all so much for the love and purrs and purrayers. It means so much to us to have such wonderful, caring furriends.

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  1. Paper , plastic AND string!???!!!!!

    IMPRESSIVE. Did he eat the UPS man?

  2. Zaphoid says, "EG! Whatever did you get into?! Do you need any help grooming? Please don't do that again because you really really scared your mommy! The whole Teenage Mutant Ninja Kitty Horde and our Feeders are sending you & yours purrs & prayers (and some extra grooming from me since I'm the best)."

  3. I wish I could "Like Katnip Lounge's comment! It's right on, dude.

    So glad he's OK and HOME!

  4. EG
    We sure are glad that things are sooooo much better.
    We will continue to purr!


  5. OMC, EG...! We're glad you're home, but uh, best NOT to eat that kind of stuff again! Stick with your proper food!

  6. EG, we're so glad you're home! But we think you ought to re-evaluate what you munch on from now on.

    (The Lounge Kats' comment made us LOL!!)

  7. Hahaha...wait, did yoo eat da UPS man? Yoo do know dat paper, plastic and string are NOT proper foods and yoo should not eat dem. Just look what happened, yoo hadda stay at da *shudder* vet, yoor mom and dad gots all worried and alla da CB was on alert! Glad yoor home now.

  8. Good grief, EG! We're glad you got rid of all that bad stuff.

  9. Wow! Earl swallowed the TRIFECTA!!! Way ta go EG...

    Hope yer feelin better!

  10. I's betting it was HURL GREY who ated all that stuff... the Trifecta... hee hee (love it, Ayla & Iza).
    Get well!
    Love & Purrs,

  11. Whew!!!
    That is excellent news! Welcome home EG welax and wecoopewate and then tell us all
    smoochie kisses and hopw all of you have a lovely sunday
    smoochie kisses

  12. My goodness, EG, what in the world did you eat? I'm glad you poopered it all out!

  13. oh my - are we glad that everything is o.k.! he must have gotten into some real bad "eating up inappropriate bad things" frenzy...
    so happy that everything turned out to be o.k.!
    we know we are a bit late about it but we wanted to really thank you for your holiday card. it meant a lot to us and warmed our hearts tremendously to realize we still have friends out there, even if we aren't active bloggers anymore!
    the only thing happening these days is gracie pulling us into parties, hahahahahahahahaha
    love to you all
    your friends from the cat realm

  14. Yikes, that's a lot of stuff to come out. Bet he doesn't do that again!

    So happy to hear he is home. We just know that Mom is happy.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  15. Super Sunday News! Oh...he was kinda a garbage can of items! Hope he will heal up fast and not do that can always hope!

  16. We are so relieved to hear that Earl Grey is home! We will continue to purr for his continued recovery.

    Seriously dood, what were ya thinking ... eating paper, plastic, and string?

    Padre, Panda Bear, Meerkat, Cookie, and Caramel (& fosters Sunny and Sky)

  17. Paper, Plastic, AND String? EG, your a kittie, not a goat.

    Stick to reel foods in the future, OK? Makes things easier for everyone, including you.

    Glad your feeling better.

  18. I'm glad you're home and feeling better!!! 4" of string and paper and plastic huh? Don't do it again...

  19. LOL @ KL comment!
    We are glad to hear you are home EG. Wow! That was a lot of junk you pooped out. We are glad it came out without needing surgery.

  20. Wow! We're so blad you're feeling better now, EG. Sure, we all need some fiber once in a while, but holy moley!

  21. EG it is good to know you are home again. The vet is a terrible place to be, full of torture and strangers.
    Bonks for being such a brave tigermancat!

  22. SO glad EG is doing better and is home. I hope someone tells him that paper, plastic, and string are not food groups. All the cat kids send their purrs.

  23. I guess I khan pull the pins out of the HG Voodoo Doll!

    PeeEssWoo: Hey Titus - Good lukhk!

  24. EG so happy you are home and feeling better. Try to stick to kitteh foods, crunchies, stinky goodness etc.

    I like to chew on plastic but I don't actually swallow the stuff. So try to keep the wierd food cravings down.


  25. Earl we is furry furry happy and 'alieved that you is home, but DUDE - paper, plastic and string?

  26. Oh my gosh!!! We are glad you are free of all that junk!!! But please do not do it again!! We were worried about you!! So glad you are feeling better!!
    Your TX furiends,

  27. Oh my Goodness! No wonder you where feeling badly! What was it? Were you trying to open up your Christmas by eating the wrappings? Hope you feel all better soon!
    Happy Cat Family

  28. I am really glad that you pooped all that bad stuff out and are home again. EG, you really must stop nomming stuff like that. Hit your human up for treats or more food in your dish.

  29. OMC! We are so relieved! Fank goodness!

    We are sending more PURRS for EG's convalescence!

  30. Dude, it's not like your 'rents don't feed you...
    We are so happy that everything came out in the "end"...

  31. EG you bad bad boy! So glad you are home and feeling better.

  32. YAY!!!! We are absolutely delighted! Get well soon, EG. Doubtless, it was HG who made you eat all that bad stuff...

    Big PURRS,
    The Chans

  33. EG, paper, plastic and string are not listed as ingredients in cat fuuds. Please note that these items do not need to be sourced by you independently and are permanently off the menu. Stick to the cat fuuds please. We are very glad you are home and recovering.

    Whicky Wuudler

  34. Does paper, plastic and string come in cans or pouches???
    Seriously he certainly has a bizarre taste in food. We hope he hs learned his lesson and will stick to cat foods in future.
    luv Hannah & Lucy xx xx


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