Friday, July 30, 2010

Froot Bat Friday

So Mom tried to do a photoshoot last night. I refused to fall for it. In fact, I was chillaxin' on my tower of beds and doing some awesome froot bats, if I do say so myself, and whenever she tried to take a picture, I would tense them all up and make them non-froot batty. (Did I mention that there were no treats?  Just saying.)  She finally gave up. hehehe

So then me and Tazo were hanging out on the couch and Mom started squeeing. Can't a couple of Furry Kids catch a break? We're just hanging around, not going out of our way to be cute or anything. :sigh:

Once Tazo started making biscuits on my head, it was all over.  Our ears are still ringing.  In fact, I think Eric and Flynn could probably hear Mom SQUEEing all the way over in Britain.  It wasn't pretty.

So this morning, she tried again.  She hadn't had enough coffee and I hadn't had enough treats.  Needless to say, an early morning photoshoot is probably not a good idea, Mom.  Especially when you start it out by saying, "Good morning, Mr. Froot Bat." 

Have a great weekend, everybuddy!


  1. How do we love thee, Froot Bats? Let us count the ways.

    1 treat, 2 treats, 3 treats, MORE!

  2. It looks like woo told her to talk to the tail!

    Happy Friday Handsome!

    Khyra and Khousin Merdie

  3. Hahahaha! You *are* irresistible, you know. No wonder your mom was squeeing. But we don't understand this "no treat" business. If she wants you to perform, you get "paid" for it. Seems only logical to us!

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  5. two look so sweet together!!!

  6. So that's what that noise was last night - your Mum squeeeing! I was wondering what it was.

    My Mum was squeeing over the pictures too, I have to admit that is pretty cute with Tazo and you on the couch!

  7. Aw, you two are SO adorable together!

  8. That explains what that noise we heard was last night - it was your mom! And boy, we can totally see why because our mom is doing it too - so CUTE!!

  9. Tazo, that is so cute that you make biscuits on Titus head. My mommy would squeee loud too.

  10. Between the squeeing and the awwwing, a guy can't hear himself think around here!


  11. Mr Titus, I think your frootbat ears are just perfect every day and you do not have to try EVER!
    I love how Tazo taps your head there, that is so nice, she is thinking what a great big guy you are

    bonkbonk for a happy new week

  12. Well, not everyone there, but those are still good pictures...


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