Friday, April 17, 2009

Froot Bat Friday - A Short Film

You may or may not have noticed that all most of my Froot Bat Friday portraits are taken right here on this very couch. Mom was going to try to take a new froot bat picture of me, but then she said I looked exceptionally cute and was doing lots of quivvy tail, so she decided to make a movie instead. (Please note: You might want to turn down your volume. The screeching tends to hurt the ears, if you know what I mean.) If you choose to listen to the soundtrack, I apologize. She wasn't drinking much. (But see what I have to put up with on a daily basis? It wears on a guy's nerves sometimes. If you watch close, you might see me rolling my eyes a little bit just before and just after the "blinky eye" part. hehe) Any way, Happy Weekend everybuddy! I hope you enjoy our feature film today.


  1. OH TITUS!!!

    I hate to hear how it is when she DOES drink!

    That was a fantastikh video!

    The khwivvy tail it super good!

    PeeEssWoo: And I didn't have to look at either of THOSE other khritters!

  2. That was fun - we loved the sound track! Happy weekend to you too! And thanks for the birthday wishes!

  3. We really enjoyed the video and, actually, loved the commentary! You're a handsome dude, Titus!

    Your Friends,
    Tommy and The Girls

  4. Dude, your Mom's "gimme some froooooot baaaaaat" made Grayson leap off the desk and bolt from the room! Must be some mystical Mom mojo that spooked him. Or he thought she meant him. Whatever.

    Nice Frootbat, Titus! You always make our Friday that much grander!


  5. oh Titus, you haf a look on your face like "why are you doing this to me the mom???" you poor boy! but we LOVE you froot bats!

  6. Titus, my man, that was pawesome! The way you held out till the very end to give your Mom the froot bat! Way to go :-) - Jake

    Hiya Tazo,
    Wow, can you believe it, it's gonna be WARM this weekend?! Mommy says she's gonna let me out to play while she does some gardening, but I'm not holding my breath, we'll probably end up on the couch watching tv. Maybe you wanna come up today and we'll enjoy the sun and watch the birdies?
    Purrs and nosekisses,

  7. Well, we can't hear the soundtrack, cause Meowm is being loud and squealy! You know she has a thing for your ears...and now she has a thing for your tail too (oh dear that sounded bad). Okay, she has a thing for the quivvy tail. You see I sometimes do that. Meowm will call my name when I am sleeping, and I will give her a little tail quivvy to let her know I heard her. It takes so little to please beans sometimes.

  8. And if by chance Meowm ever gets to come visit better hide when she leaves or she will dognap you!

  9. Titus, you sure have some very expressive ears! I like how they rotate all around.

    Happy Weekend!

  10. I like how thick your ears are, they seem less delicate than mine. You sure are super cute.


  11. Oh Titus you are a very very sweet boy!
    I love your blinky eyes and your frootiebatster ears
    love and purrs and happy Week-end to all of you

  12. hehe, Titus you are SO KOOL! We Ballicai love yur ears and we promise we won't nibble on 'em. And yur Momma is so cute! What a fabyoolus video.

    Have a great weekendie!

    Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

    ps - Dorydoo's sendin lots of whiskie kissies to EG!

  13. Nice quivy tail Titus!! Nice frootbat too :)
    Don't worry about your Mom...we all have one!! hahahahahahahaha
    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

  14. can u say o-s-c-a-r????
    dat izza grate video!

  15. Ooohhh!! That was a wonderful video Titus! Even if you did not likes the soundtrack very much....heehee...


  16. One thing for sure, your mom is right, you are sweet and cute. Thanks for the video.

    Tail wags, the OP Pack

    Pee Ess, Khyra told us to come say hi - so HI!!

  17. Titus - you are a movie star!!! Make sure to audition for any upcoming CCSI episodes!
    And thank you all so much for coming to our blogoversary party! It wouldn't have been that much fun without you - we hope you had a great time too and not too much of a nipover, hahahahahahahahahahaha
    The Cat Realm

  18. Oh yay!!! Dere iz my froot bat frend Titus!!! & he iz in da moooviez!!! How didz he doez dat? I yam not sure I haz evfur been in a mooovie... but it looks like fun, evfun if you doez has to liten to da momee goin' on. Da momee here iz alwayz "screechin' too. I tinks my pal, dat dat iz what da momeez doez & we cannot stop dem.
    Da momee wants to tank you so much for postin' about my brudder Maxi. He waz da sickest kitty I evfur saw. & I almostee didn't haz a brudder. But, he iz strong, & he gots all da purrz from you & da other frendz in da bloggospear to help him through it.
    Da momee iz eternully gratefull.
    We lovez you,
    Dr Tweety

  19. Excellent Froooot Baaaaat and Quivvvvvvy Taaaail thrown in as an added bonus! You are a handsome doggie Titus!

  20. Grrreat Froot Bat, Titus.
    Encore... encore!
    Love & Purrs,

  21. Good job on the froot bat (and the quivvy tail!) It was great to see it all in motion!


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