Thursday, October 2, 2008

Thursday Thirteen - Edition 60

Here are Thirteen Things heard around our house this week:

1. Hi there, Speckle-dy Speck (to Tazo)
2. There's Mr. Happy Pants! (to Titus)
Note from Titus: You know the voice she uses to try to get me to do quivvy tail and the old "gimme some frooooot baaaaat"? Well, imagine it even more sing-songy and about 5 octaves higher. It hurts a dawg's ears, I tell ya.
3. Errol! Don't even think about it! (to EG, of course)
4. Are all tuxies so crabby? Or just the grey ones?
5. She's drinking my Slurpee!
6. Dude! It's 2:50. It's not time to get up. (to all of us)
7. Where's my bizzy boyeeeee? (to Titus)
8. Shh! EG and I are having dude time. Do not disturb. (from Dad)
9. Well, the Lions didn't lose this week. Um, because they didn't play. (from Dad)
10. Stop licking! (to all of us)
12. She licked my pizza! (about Tazo)
13. Dude! I had no idea chili stained so much.

And just for fun:

heh heh


  1. Mommy laughed out loud at the photo!

  2. We couldn't say for all tuxies, but may we remind you that our cousin is called Tucker Scissorhands for good reason!?

  3. Which one will be getting the skhar though?

    Happy Thursday!


  4. Titus is Mr. Happy Pants? (Hee Hee).

  5. Harley just tried to eat some plastic, too! (it was the plastic baggie that Mr. Shrill lives in).

  6. Hi EG and Tazo and Titus! Hahahaha ~ your people say some funny things! Someday if we ever get a place where we can all live together all the time again I will have to keep track of things Mom and my Daddy say.

  7. Oh Titus you sure have to put up with a lot....but Mr. Happy Pants?????

  8. Lol...Great thirteen and mom love the photo...Hugs Ariel

  9. Haha, that TT13 made us laugh. Maybe we got Happy Pants too.

  10. Ha, ha, ha, ha.....Mr. Happy Pants - Oh, I am rolling around on the floor laughing at that one : )

  11. OK...who's insinuating that tuxies are CRABBY?!

    Max S

  12. I think both of your T13 and your picture are so so funny, hahahaha~~

  13. MOL - thanks for the laughs, that's a great T13!

    Thank you all so much for all the wonderful thoughts - we've been missing all our friends and we're glad to be back.

    Pearl, Bert and Jake

    p.s. Bert is swooning over then mitten kitten pictures and Pearl says thanks for the awards.

  14. We get the feeling that poor Titus gets humiliated a lot...and pizza is deelishus.

  15. Funny photo! Interesting things going on at your place! :)

  16. *snork*, such funny things!! You are all so adorabble.

    Dorydoo sends lotsa whiskie kisses to EG!

    Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

  17. I do love a good lick of plastic.

    That pic is priceless. Made the PM laugh outloud! Stupid man.

    Purrs Goldie

  18. Hey, the Lions can only go up from here now, right? Matt Millen's career is over, anyway...

    Funny "I Can Haz" photo! I would have said "Nose removal begins in 3... 2... 1..."


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