Friday, August 17, 2012

Froot Bat Friday

Sorry we haven't been around much lately - The Mom says she's been super duper busy and stressed out.  Whatever.  I think helping us with our bloggie would be a huge stress reliever, but *she* doesn't seem to think so.  Grrrrr

Anyway, this picture is from last night.  I did manage to score some treats.  But, I had to take matters into my own paws.  See, The Mom was eating a sammich last night and some of the sammich guts fell right out onto the floor.  And before The Mom could clean it up, I swooped in and eated the delicious, delicious sammich guts.  It.was.pawsome.

Hope you guys have a great, sammich-guts-filled weekend!


  1. Dude... now you may add to your resume that you are a Super Duper Swooper of Delicious Sammich Guts and Awesome Pawsome Frootbat Presenter!


  2. Good job swooping in on that pays to be fast!!!


  3. Sammich-guts are the best! Have a great weekend and thanks fur those frootbats!


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