Wednesday, August 10, 2011

What the Paw?! Wednesday

So Mama woked up this morning and the first thing she saw was this:

At first glance, she thought it was some sort of fuzzy thing or trash or something.  But then she stumbled upon this:

And she was all, "What the paw?"  But then she thanked me for saving her from certain death.  Because a giant cricket in the middle of the night is not good - they're very dangerous creatures. She did find a third leg a little bit farther down the hall, but she didn't take a picture of it. Whatever, Mama. I just know that she feels so much safer knowing that her little speckley PBK* is taking care of the house while she sleeps. And since I am a good sister, I would like to thank EG for his assistance in the take down of Mr. Cricket. He makes me do all the work always has my back in case the any of the bugs get out of control.  And then he inspects them after I'm done with them to make sure that they're good and deaded.

Mama did mention that I should probably make sure of who or what my victim target is.  She thinks that if I ever see this guy:

I should probably leave him alone.  She claims he's not a threat or anything.  I'll try, Mama.  Sometimes, I just get in the zone and forget about everything else.

*Professional Bug Killer


  1. OMC! Pawsome catch! Hope you both got lots of extra treats for this!

  2. Good job!!! We don't have those kinds of bugs....but Spud is a master fly catcher.

  3. Wow, you and EG sure made a great team taking down that cricket. We always hear them outside but we have never actually seen one. Did you share it with Titus too?

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  4. You are a really good bug hunter and that is important.

  5. Thank goodness mom has you to save her from monsters
    Benny & Lily

  6. You did a good job there, but why didn't you eat it?

  7. You were very brave, Tazo. We're in charge of killing all bugs around here 'cause Mom freaks out if she sees one!

  8. Well done Tazopuff, you saved your mom from a horrible discovery. Today Miles and I found a cool daddy long legs to torment
    Mom was freaking out

  9. What happened to rest of it? Do we want to know?


  10. Yer lucky, we would have ta get outside ta find anny crickets!


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