Friday, May 20, 2011

Froot Bat Friday

This was supposed to be my post for last Froot Bat Friday, but since Blogger was not cooperating, I didn't get to post. Mom said I could fill you in today.
Last week, I wented to the v-e-t for my check up.  It wasn't that much fun.  They stoled my bloods and gave me shots and stuck needles in these lumps I've got on my side to make sure they were ok (they were). Dr P-G looked at my teeths and my eyes and my froot bats and listened to my heart and lungs - you know, all the usual stuff. I lost some weight, which freaked Mom out, so she's been feeding me lots this week.  That's kind of awesome, because as you all know, I do love to eat. BOL 

Then there was this:

His name is Marty.  He was trying to get up in my bizness. He lives at Dr P-G's office.  Mom and Dad say he's pretty sweet and that he didn't want to chomp on my delicious pink ears.  I would've believed them, except I heard Dr P-G say that Marty reminds them of EG. (The Mom here: It's because he's curious and gets into all kinds of mischief and has eaten stuff that made him sick, just like EG.) That really freaked me out.  Stay away from my ears, little, white dood. 

Then when it was all over and I was ready to go home, a bad thing happened.  Dr P-G and Dad and Mom just stood around and talked. Talked! Like they were furriends. I mean, I like Dr P-G and all, but I don't really want her palling around with my pawrents.  That's kinda creepy.  

Here's a picture of me on the way home.  It was super hot here that day, so I'm panting. And I'm exhausted from my v-e-t trip so I've got droopy froot bats and sleepy eyes.  Mom kept squeeing the whole way home. I just wanted to take a quick snooze, but it was impossible with all her racket.

So I got home and ate dinner and got to finally take a nap.  I was kinda hissed off because after a trip to the v-e-t, I always get a plain hamburger from the first drive thru that we pass on the way home. Mom says we don't pass anything on the way home from Dr P-G's new office.  That's fine, Mom.  I'm just not going to go there any more.

Later that night, Mom busted out some treats for a quick photoshoot.  She tried to get me to smile, but I just needed treats.  She got the froot bats, that should be good enough. 

Happy Froot Bat Friday, everybuddy!  We hope you have a great weekend!


  1. Dos are some awesome froot bats. Marty kinda looks like a brother from another mother. MOL Glad you are doing good but it sounds like your mom needs to find another way back from the v-e-t so you can get your cheezeburger!!!

  2. I am glad you got treats after that difficult visit. I hate the vets...

  3. Your froot bats are lookin good, buddy! Sounds like you had a rough day at the vet's! And no hamburger? That is what detours are for!

  4. Hi Titus! We love your final frootbats - but we are sorry you had to go to the v-e-t and see that crazy (but very cute) white kitty! We are glad he didn't try to go after your frootbats like EG does!

  5. Titus, we are so happy to hear you had a good report from the vet, but the Mom really owes you a burger!!! Not only for the vet trip but for those awesome frootbats and that adorable face.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  6. Your Mom is pals with the v-e-t? That is just wrong!

    We are glad you checked out okay! And we are even more glad that white kitty didn't chew on your froots!

  7. So, what tunes did woo rokhk out to during the trek?

    PeeEssWoo: Maybe woo were supposed to snakhk on Marty Marshmallow?

  8. We're glad your V-E-T visit went okay (except for the Marty part and the palling around).

    We love your frootbats!!

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  9. Ah Titus! That sounds like an exhausting day. Enjoy the extra rations, though! Glad Dr. PG thought everything was good!


    PS: Looks to me like Marty has delicious pink ears too...

  10. I think Marty is copying you. He looks just like you and everything.
    I am glad you got out of the vet place and back home... kind of a good adbenture

    Your frootbats are quite nice, very impressive. I would never bite them.

    bonkbonk to you Mr. Titus

  11. Just saw you're from Zimbabwe. How exotic! I'm from Belgium. Love your blog and I'm your newest feline follower. Come on over and say 'Meow!' when you have the chance :)



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