Friday, May 6, 2011

Froot Bat Friday

Since my secret lair was revealed last week (grrrrr), I thought I might as well take you on a tour of my other favorite napping spots.  Here are Favorite Froot Bat Napping Spots numbers 2, 3, and 4:

Please look closely at the above photo.  Favorite Napping Spot #2 is located in the background of the photo.  It is a fabulously comfy dawg bed from the warehouse club. It is fuzzy and warm on one side (for winter napping) and cool and comfy on the other side (for summer napping).  Favorite Napping Spot #3 is on the couch, on the cushion that is in the foreground. Normally, it is covered with a blanket so that the twins' clawrs don't scratchie it up, but I like to uncover it so that I can feel the cool leather against my furs.  Which leads me to Favorite Napping Spot #4:  the pile of blankies and pillows on the floor. It's an ok Napping Spot in a pinch, but it takes a lot of work to get the blankies scrunchied up just right.

Last night, Dad caught up with me in yet another Favorite Napping Spot (#5).  I am avoiding the camera because *somekitteh* is making biscuits on me and I don't really want to be seen in such a compromising position.  Plus, I'm not looking at the camera because I GOT NO TREATS.  Work with me, Dad! Sheesh! You're turning into Mom. :sigh:

Have a great weekend, evverybuddy!


  1. We haven't seen you or Chance Bond on FB - can't ever seem to find anyone - but we saw your comment on the CB about Chance & Imp's brother Shadow passing away. Since they haven't been blogging, thanks for letting everyone know. We liked Shadow and are sorry they have lost him.

  2. I like your last favorite napping spot. that looks very cozy.

  3. No treats, we agree with completely! But, Hey, Titus! It is an honour to have your kitty sister make biscuits on you!

    Tommy (and purrs from th ekitties)

    PS: Great nap spots!

  4. Hi Titus! Those are awesome napping spots! Our couch is usually covered like yours is to protect it from claws too - so we will have to trust you on the feel of cool leather against your furs.

    And don't be too embarassed about the biscuits - it just shows that you are a sweetie, plus it is super cute!!

  5. You have lots of great choices, Titus. We think the sofa is the best one, but we wouldn't be allowed on the leather one here. And that one is in the basement, another of those no-sibe zones:(

    Have a great weekend.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  6. TITUS!!!


    There is a khat touching woo???????


  7. Dont worry Titus. Evryone knows you are not well dressed without a cat...

  8. Diamond Doggie loves your taste in beds!


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