Thursday, November 18, 2010

Thinking on Thursday

I was just thinking that maybe I needed to get the froot bats all warmed up for tomorrow.  I was also thinking that Mom's pillow is the best.  She makes her side of the bed every morning when she gets up.  (She doesn't make Dad's side because he's still in it - BOL!)  Then after she goes to work, I go in and pull all the covers off her pillow and make myself comfy. On her pillow.  She says she doesn't like furs on her pillowcase, but it makes her laugh every time. She says it's a good thing I'm cute.

In other news, Tazo and I have scored big time this week.  On Monday night, Mom made two perfect pieces of toast with peanutbutter, honey, and sliced banana.  It's pretty much her favorite thing besides pizza.  Anyway, she had them on a plate and was sitting on the couch.  Tazo jumped up and hooked one piece of toast with her clawr and pulled it onto the floor.  Then I swooped in and took care of business.  I pretty much got the whole piece - Tazo and EG had to split a tiny piece of crust. Mom says we added insult to injury because we left the banana slices on the floor (the twins hate bananas and I'll only eat them if there's really nothing else around). I ate a couple, but I rolled the rest of them around in my mouth so they were super slimy when Mom picked them up. hehehe  Then last night, Mom and Dad had pizza.  Mom left me and Dad and the pizza box in the family room.  Then Dad got up and left me and the pizza box alone in the family room.  Alone.  You can guess what happened next. BOL!   Sorry I ate your leftovers, Mom. But it sure was a nommy pizza.

Happy Thursday, everybuddy!  I hope you guys score some nommy treats, too!


  1. We aren't into human food but it sounds like you guys are! Pizza sounds yum.

  2. How khould your mom NOT think woo are just so freakin' khute!!!

    BTW, furs are a sign of endearment AND honour!

    Happy Skhoring


  3. It sounds like you had a very successful week Titus!

  4. We don't go for people food much, but you've sure made our human hungry!

  5. Great job! Mom had some yummy pizza for lunch yesterday and I only got one tiny bite!

  6. You know mom loves you when you are still alive to talk about it
    Benny & Lily

  7. Titus, we have to say we think maybe you need to do a good job with the frootbats tomorrow - you have scored very well this week:) We aren't crazy about bananas either, none of us, unless it is banana bread or banana/yogurt/peanutbutter frozen treats.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  8. WEll, Titus, all that stuff was your by right, right? To repalce all those "Frootbat" treats you never got!


  9. Titus, fine job, buddy. Mom and dad know better than to leave me in the living room with any sort of food. lol
    LOVE the photo of you on your mom's side of the bed. that is awesome.



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