Thursday, May 6, 2010

This Thursday is Not Hurl's Day

Tazo is not the only one who likes the new bed.  It's really quite comfy. The only problem is that I like to burrow inside and The Mom freaks out that I'll suffocate, so she's always ripping holes in the plastic.  It totally ruins the burrowing effect.
You guys should check out one of these beds.  I hear they're not that hard to find. In fact, you might even have one in your house right now.

 In other news, please check out Skeezix's link.  It's plucking season for some dawgs and we think this is a great way to use those furs for a good cause.  If any of our furriends in the DWB don't mind, would you please pass this along?  Thank you!


  1. That is a pawsome bed EG. My mom would be freaking out too. I mean, if I couldn't breath I would get out of there right? duhhhhh
    You have a great pillow and your feets look relaxed.
    I know we have one of these too... somewhere.
    I am going to check Skeezix's bloggie right now. I hope you kitties and Titus have a nice day with sunshine and treats


  2. Great bed! Why is it that the humans think we will suffocate?

  3. That's a great bed, EG. We have a couple of them at our house, but the human has them tucked away where we can't get to them. She's so mean to us. We hope you enjoy yours to the max!

  4. Great bed....but I don't think I could fit in it....I'm just sayin'....

  5. Some buddy has good taste in beds!
    Benny & Lily

  6. Soft and absorbent, hope you don't decide to test out that absorbency:)

    We could contribute quite a bit of hair.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

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  8. I would love to be your khwikhker pikhkerupper!

    PeeEssWoo: Hi Titus! Are woo being plukhked fur the grrrrrreat khause? The word is out amongst many of the khanine khontingent!

  9. That is a great bed! We would prefer one of those to the thousand (or so) sleeping spots we have now.
    xx lounge kats

  10. Our mom is always making a drama abowt the risk of suffacation ~ so we're not allowed plastic bags. :sigh:

  11. That looks like a real nice bed! I'd like to scratch up some of that stuff just to make it a little more fluffy!

    Purrs, Banshee

  12. EG, you look unusually young in the icture. Is it the beneficial effects of the new softy bed? We must try that.


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