Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Award on Wednesday


We gotted an award from our friends, Trouble the Kitty, and The Crew.  (EG and HG seem very close to Trouble the Kitty for some reason.  I am not sure why.)  Anyway, we are supposed to list ten things that make us happy.
I, Tazo, will start it off.  Here are ten things that make me happy:
Good, delicious foods
Sleeping on the cable box
Plague ratsies
Sleeping on top of the dryer
Sun spots
Hogging the space heater
Climbing into the oven
Sleeping on Daddy
Stealing foods
Killing bugs for Mama

And now, ten things that make EG happy:
Hunting ice cubes
Stinky goodness
Making biscuits on The Mom, with extreme clawr action
Milk jug rings
Hogging the dawg beds
Hogging the people bed
Keeping my machine clean
Running out the door
Being held by Dad
Chasing Titus

We're going to let HG make a list, too, since he's so fond of Trouble the Kitty.  Brace yourselves.
Whapping Tazo
Whapping Titus
Delicious, pink ears
Delicious, dawg ankles
Clawring That Woman
Chomping Tazo
Running out the door and running far, far into the yard
Glaring at everyone from my snoopervisory post on top of the fridge
Eating things that make That Woman freak out
Hacking up hairballs


  1. MOL!! Excellent lists! Congratulations on your award!

  2. These lists made us larf and larf. Espeshully the "pink ears" one! MOL!

  3. hello furry kids its dennis the vizsla dog hay trouble is reeding yore list and giving eevil laffs espeshly to the last list shud i be wurreed??? ok bye

  4. Those are great lists! We like that you all did one!!

  5. We are a little concerned about the "climbing into the oven" thing, Tazo. Do be careful!

  6. Is it just us or do most of things revolve around eating and sleeping? Yep, that's what we thought... you're doin' it right!

  7. Titus!

    Woo SOOOO don't have to take it...


  8. HG, I am just not surprised at you. whap whappers! I am glad that EG does not whap.

    Tazo, I really really like warmie spots too.

    This awardie is well deserved for all of you. and... suitable for framing


  9. Concats on your award. We like your lists. HG's made us laff.

  10. Congrats on your award! HG...your list is great!!

  11. Oh I love those lists. congwatulations on youw awawd! That HG suwe is a twouble makew, hehehehe
    smoochie kisses

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  13. Congrats and thanks for the fun lists. We do think HG needs to add the letter E and become EHG - Evil Hurl Grey:)

    Woos, Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara


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