Thursday, October 29, 2009

Thinking for Thursday

I am thinking that this guy needs to not be eating our pumpykins and making a huge mess on our porch. Dad bought one for each of us and this guy has been chomping on them. We are not happy. But then again, it does make for good cat/dawg tv.

Mom thinks that this double-sided tape/foil combo will work to keep the twins from playing around behind the TV. I think it's nice that she has that dream. hehe


  1. How dare he nibble on your pumpkin!!!

    Better go get him!

  2. Nice tree rat woo have fur entertainment!

    I'll have to admit I REALLY think that looks more like a dad invention!

    The dukht tape gives it away!

    PeeEssWoo: Be ready Handsome - I'm sure she'll be whispering THOSE words today!

  3. Evil Squirrels eat pumpkins? Ack! Stupid squirrels.

    We tried to embiggen the tape and foil thingy, trying to figure out "What's up with that", but no... We have no idea.

  4. Heehee! I do not think that tape and foil contraption will stop the twins! It might make a good toy though.

  5. The nerve of that nasty squirrel!!!

    Hope the foil and tape work.

    woos, the OP Pack

  6. You might try some plastic carpet runner with the prongs side up behind that TV stand...our kittens do the same thing and that helped.

  7. we neffer thought of buying pumpkins for the skwerls...that is sweet and entertaining!


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