Thursday, March 12, 2015

Thinking on Thursday

This is me and Daddy.  We are watching TV and he is patting my 'tocks.  He is the only one who is allowed - Mama just doesn't do it right. Don't get me wrong - she tries hard, but it's just not the same. hee hee  Anyway, if it looks like I might just slide off the couch onto my head, you would be right. I got so into the cuddling that I sort of slid off onto the floor. But don't worry! I'm ok - the poofy blanky on the floor helped cushion my fall.  Plus, then Daddy and Mama were super worried about me so I got a ton of attention. It all worked out.   

The Mom wants to thank everyone for the birthday wishes.  She's about a squillion years old now.  As long as she's not too old to open up cans of stinky goodness, everything will be ok.


  1. That happened to me once and I don't even have 9 lives
    Lily & Edward

  2. wuz dat yoo who left us such a generous do-na-shun? Fank yoos furry furry much.
    Honey and her mommie

  3. It's pretty obvious you are lovin' that 'tock patting!

  4. Please be careful, Miss Tazo! We wouldn't want you getting hurt.

    The Chans

  5. Our dad-guy is a good 'tock patter too.

  6. Tazo, you sure look contented. That tock patting must be nice! :)


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