Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Going Pink for Skeezix

Skeezix's blog was the first one we ever read.  As soon as The Mom saw his bloggie, she was hooked.  He made us smile, taught us all about fashion, spelling, strollering, and going to school.  He traveled all over the world, including the Famous Chuck Erreca Rest Stop.  It's hard for us to pick even a couple favorite memories - pretty much everything he did was awesome.  Two years ago, Skeezix and the Food Lady came to the Mitten State and we got to meet them.  We were all so excited because Skeezix is probably the most famousest cat on the innerwebs.  

The link to the Mousebreath post about his visit is HERE.  

And this is one of our very favorite pictures.  We think it shows off how very pink and white Skeezix and Titus really are. 

Photo by The Food Lady

We miss you lots and lots, Skeezix.  We'll never forget you.  


  1. We were thrilled to meet Flat Skeezix and host him at our home for awhile too!

  2. thanyew fur honorin' our best frend wif this lovely post!! we met flat skeezy an' trip in st louis but mommer furgotted where the picture is. we posted anovver thing, though.

  3. Skeezix and Titus together would have been more than Meowm would have been able to handle! All that pink frootbatiness together!

  4. We love your tribute to Skeezix. What a wonderful friend he was to so many.

  5. What a great post! Skeezix did leave us with many wonderful memories. We bet it was fun to meet flat Skeezix and the Food Lady!!
    Thanks for sharing your memories in reminding what good things he contributed to the blogging world :)
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Treasure,Tiger,JJ and Julie

  6. Yoo got da good memories too. We love dat photo of Titus and Skeezy. Look how happy and smilin he wuz! It's makes a heart glad instead of sad.

  7. Our mom met Flat Skeezix and was so honored. Skeezix will be missed.

  8. The world is a little less pink now that Skeezix is gone...we'll miss him.

  9. Oh man, Titus got his picture taken with Flat Skeezix! Skeez was one great cat, who'll be missed by everyone who knew him.


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