Monday, April 1, 2013

Mancat Monday

So The Mom was in the kitchen last night and there was a spider strolling around.  The thing about The Mom is that she doesn't like spiders at all.  So she kinda screamed and did a little dance and asked me to take care of it.  But with all of the screaming and dancing and pointing, I thought she was trying to play, so instead of getting the spider as a PBK* should, I started pawing at her and tried to play.  Because that sure seemed like what she was trying to do.  Except she wasn't.  So she freaked out some more and grabbed a magazine and took care of bizness.  Then she was all, "EG, what was up with that?"  And I was all, "Dood.  I thought you were playing." But then I made it up to her by laying in her lap and helping her watch a movie.  Which didn't have any cats in it.  What the paw is up with these people this weekend?  I'm so glad it's Monday and I can get back to my routine.

*Professional Bug Killer


  1. well of course you thought she wanted to play! we think the same thing when our the mom does that - she gets really really freaked out by spiders too

  2. She shoulda been more clear in what she wanted instead of dancing around.

  3. That's supposed to be my job too, but it usually ends up with her killing the offending insect after I bat it around for a bit but rarely kill it.

  4. You should have done what she would do.....grab the flashy box and record it!!!

    The Florida Furkids

  5. Moms sure are nutty at times
    Benny & Lily

  6. Yes, thank goodness for Monday! Things are back to normal we hope.



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