Friday, May 4, 2012

Froot Bat Friday

Doods. It's been a rough week around here.  First, EG wasn't feeling too good in the beginning of the week.  The Mom thinks maybe he had a hairball thing going on, but she hasn't found one. (And doods?  That hairball gel stuff is sooo nommy! Just so you know.) Maybe he didn't hork one up.  Maybe he hid it real good and it'll surprise her one day? hehe  Or maybe I cleaned it up for her.  I mean, it's all possible.  But neither of us are telling.

Then last night, Dad made delicious burgers on the grill.  Dad and The Mom eated their foods.  I may or may not have stealed the bun that The Mom left on her plate. And it was delicious. If, in fact, I had actually stealed it.  Then The Mom let me outside because it was going to storm and she said that I had better do my bizness before the storm came. So I went outside and then I didn't come back by the door. So The Mom went out and found me eating the delicious foil that the burgers were cooked on. I stoled it right off the grill! hehe Doods! It was soooo delicious!  It had all this nommy burgery flavor! Of course, The Mom freaked out and called the v-e-t ER and they said that she had to make me puke. So she tooked me back outside and gave me peroxide and we waited. But I didn't do anything.  And then it started pouring so she said, "Boney? We're going inside.  You just go ahead and do whatever it is that you need to do and it will be ok."  Dad tooked he twins in the bedroom and shutted the door so that I could have some privacy.  But I just laid on my bed.  (Which is new, by the way, and it is the most comfortable bed ever!). After a while, I started licking my lips so The Mom figured things were going to start happening. Normally, she'd take me outside, but it was still pouring so yeah, see that rug in the bottom right corner of this picture?  We don't want to talk about it. hehe

So after I did what I needed to do, and The Mom found enough foil pieces to make her feel better, I went back to bed.  I was pretty hissed off because I really didn't eat *that* much foil, PLUS, I had to give up that hamburger bun that I stealed off The Mom's plate.  AND, I didn't get any more treats, because the v-e-t said that I couldn't have anything for four hours after. So I'm a little mad at The Mom.

Here is a picture of me, being mad at The Mom.  Please note, that the rug is missing. The Mom says it will never be the same again. hehehe

Things are back to normal this morning.  I eated my breakfast and had a big drink of water and then went back to bed. Hopefully, she'll feel sorry for me today and hook me up with lots and lots of treats.

Happy Weekend, everybuddy! Hope it's full of treats!


  1. poor Titus.....from now on just LICK the foil!

  2. We are glad you will be okay though but I understand why you are not doing the frootbat thing!

  3. didn't the foil hert your teefs? our the mom is shuddering right now 'acause foil hers teefs!

    we is glad you is ok!!! and that EG is ok too

  4. Oh yeah, Titus. Step away from the foil...

  5. Woot itis, we are so glad you are OK. Foil can make big problems if you eat too much. Stick with the burgers and cheese. Hope you are now feeling fine.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  6. Well Titus, looks like chewing on the foil wasn't such a good idea after all. Best leave it alone next time.

  7. Man, if you had to barf, at least you got to take out the rug! Kudos! And I hope your tummy is better...

  8. Well, as long as all the foil is gone, it for the best!

  9. I have a foil-phobia. It's worse than the doorbell.
    ; ) Katie

  10. I SO hope woo got big big sympathy points!

    Those are some pitiful poses!




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