Monday, March 26, 2012

Mancat Monday

See the PTU? On the patio? OUTSIDE?!?!?!  That's me. It was awesome! The Mom was gone yesterday morning and Dad tooked me outside in the PTU.  I had a blast!

But then The Mom came home and opened the door and I ranned outside. And then she gotted mad at me and Dad. So now I'm on lock down again. Dad says he's build me something so I can hang out outside this summer. The Mom isn't that thrilled with the idea, but hopefully, he can talk her into it. The Mom was reading The Meezers' bloggie today and she thinks that Meezer Mom's idea of the bungee cord on Billy is an awesome idea. Purrsonally, I think it's awful. We need to not let her read other bloggies from now on.


  1. We have a 'catarium' that mom puts in the window in the summer. It is made of wood and screen and is lots of fun!! Hope you get something too!

    Boots & Ozzie

  2. EG, tell your the Mom to tell your Dad to screen in that there patio and make it into an awesome Catio! Then put a cat door in the door so you can go outside as the urge strikes.
    That's what I did for my furries before I moved into the house here at the Swamp. They're out there all.the.time! I even moved their Condo out there.

    It also keeps the nasty skeeters out, which the Mom will like, too. See? Win-Win!

  3. ME would like to haf mine own screened in howse outside, but the mom lady person says NO. she's mean. BUT, ME thinks the bungee would be fun!!!!! - Billy

  4. I think it would be great if you got a nice outside catio area all enclosed. How cool would that be?

  5. you have a cool pad there!
    Benny & Lily

  6. WE are werking on TBT fer a screened patio AND an elevated walkway. We are begging fer the 2nd so as to get a better chance at the 1st. MOL!


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