Monday, July 11, 2011

Mancat Monday

Doods! I had a super manly adventure last week. See, the front door didn't latch real good and it opened while Dad and The Mom were out. And I ranned outside! The Mom camed home from work and there were only two out of three Furry Kids at home.  She thought maybe I was locked in a room somewhere since I have managed to close the door on myself during my house patrols. She looked all over the house and she didn't find me any where. According to my sources on the inside, she was freaking out.  Then she noticed that the front door was open.  That really freaked her out.

So here I am, outside in the 'hood, and having a great adventure. I thought I heard The Mom calling me, but I was kind of having a lot of fun, so I didn't pay too much attention. Then she pulled out all the stops and started rattling the kibble bag.  No fair, The Mom. No fair. I couldn't resist the rattly goodness.  I squawked at her and then ran over from the neighbor's house to get the kibble. It was a blast. The end. 

EG, is that really the story? Really?

Ok, ok, Tazo. So that's not quite the whole story.  The Mom camed home and the door was open and I was gone. She gotted really askeered and ranned around the house looking in all the hidey spots.  Then she ranned around the back yard and looked for me, since when I do manage to run out the door, I usually only roll around on the patio.  Then she looked in all the trees in the yard and called for me.  She may or may not have been crying, and I may or may not feel kinda bad about that.  She wented inside the house and grabbed the bag of kibble because it's the noisiest and rattliest and I love love love the sound of the kibble bag. She walked all over the neighbor's back yard because he has all kinds of bushy flowers and stuff that would be good hidey spots.  She didn't see me back there so she kept calling me and rattling the kibble bag.  I called to her once, but she wasn't sure since it was windy and hard to hear anything but the trees.  She called louder and shook the bag and I squawked real loud and ran to her.  But I was really askeered and poofy and I didn't recognize her at first.  I even hissed at her. I feel kinda bad about that part. But she talked real quiet to me and dropped kibbles on the ground for me. And she did that all the way back to the house.  By the time we got back home, Dad pulled in and helped calm me down. I gotted a little while in time out because I hissed at Tazo and she hissed at me and The Mom wanted everyone to calm down, so that she could make sure I didn't have any boo boos on me (I didn't).  I eated a whole can of stinky goodness and I played with the ice cubes she put in the water bowl for me because it was super hot outside. That part was pretty fun. 

This is me a little while after I gotted home, and boy, does that floor feel nice and cool on the old tummy furs:

The Mom keeps calling it, "EG's Big Adventure."  I guess it's sort of like that other adventure movie that she likes a lot.  But whatever. I mean, we both wear grey suits, but mine's a tuxedo and I think I look much more deb-oh-nair. 

Mancat Rule of the Day:  Even though it sounds like it's super fun, an outside adventure can get kinda askeery and it's probably better to just stay in the house. And it's probably not that manly to make your The Mom cry. 


  1. No, it's not so manly to make your mom cry, EG. But 'fess up, you don't really feel bad about that. LOL.

    The few times Nicki escaped our back space took months, if not years, off our mom's life, so she understands!

  2. Well as a reformed spend the night outside kinda guy even though the humans are calling for me and the Mom is frantic I can understand. ~Socks

    PS: At my advanced age I prefer to spend my days napping in one of the beans beds to going adventuring.

  3. I know it made the Woman cry when Gemini got outside too! I am glad you were found all safe and sound.

  4. You are lucky momma didn't report you as a missing person
    Benny & Lily

  5. Titus pawed me the REAL story!

    He had finally had enough of woo and put woo out fur khat khatcher -

    PeeEssWoo: Right Titus???

  6. Khyra is too funny:) EG, do NOT do that again. Not good at all to make the mom cry. We are glad this adventure had the happy ending it had. Now try to be a good boy.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  7. I am so glad you got founded and camed back inside! Being outside is skeery. It makes mama upset when Kit runs outside. Don't do it any more, okay?

  8. Better to stay inside, methinks... there's no stinky goodness outside and everyone just gets so upset. Now, hiding INSIDE and freaking the people out is great fun because no one gets hurt and there are usually crunchy treats involved...

  9. Oh my cat! You skeered my mom, too! We got out in the garage once, and my mom bawled like a baby. Mades me feel real bad, but, it was fun!

  10. That was a very big adventure! It's not good to scare your mum though. We are only allowed out in our enclosed garden on our own. If we go in the fields, mum has to come with us.

  11. Now listen EG, as exciting as it is outside, lots of bad things can happen to you out there which is why our Mom freaks out if one of us even goes near the door. When Gino got out and was missing for 3 days, she cried too!


  12. You are very right; not Manly at all to make mum cry. We are very glad you got back inside and safe.

    Ms. Stella O'Houligan

  13. ::sigh:: we're late in catching up on noos. eg, we's glad you's ok, but we wishes you would not do that anymore


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