Monday, April 11, 2011

Mancat Monday

It's pretty manly to let your sister nap on the fuzzy blankies with you. Especially when your The Mom yells at you to share with your sister, but whatever.   We did lots of napping and lots of TV watching this weekend.  Those delicious, pink ears gotted into the litterboxes again and then had 'tocks trouble. Again. I don't know why he does that. The Mom won't give him kisses after her helps her like that and then she's always trying to kiss me. Which is gross.  I do not want The Mom germs in my furs. They're tough to get out. :sigh:


  1. Aww - you two look adorable curled up together. We are glad you share....(mom makes us do it too)

  2. It sounds like a great way to spend the weekend!

  3. Eawl Gwey
    I can't believe my eaws
    you don't like kisses?
    Sheeesh, ok then all my smoochies awe fow Tazo and Titus this week

  4. That is manly alright. My Lily just sleeps wherever she wants
    Benny & Lily

  5. What a sweet, and very manly, photograph that is!

  6. Very manly, indeed! And nice, too. :)


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