Friday, June 11, 2010

Froot Bat Friday

First of all, we've got a special request. Our pal, Maxie, has been through super lots the last couple of weeks. He's having surgery today and he and his mom could really use your prayers, light, purrs, woofs, whatever you've got. 

Now, on to the froot bats.

I think Mom thinks that if I don't catch her taking my picture, then she doesn't have to cough up the treats.  Not fair!
Anyway, she says we're chillaxin' tomorrow.  It might even be jammy day.  I can't wait.
Happy Weekend, Everybuddy!


  1. We're praying for Maxi. Hope all goes well for him.

    Excellent Froot Bats, Titus!

  2. We're purring for Maxie too.

    Pawsome Frootbats!!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  3. I've been Sibe Vibe-ing since I read about Maxie -

    As fur THE FROOT BATS, she so does have to khough up some treats!

    As fur the chillaxin' tomorrow, fur sure! The ikhkies are returning here!


  4. We have read about Maxie at a couple of blogs now, we will cross our paws and woo for a successful surgery - poor kitty.

    Titus, you would think Mom would learn that if she rewards you, you might just give those frootbats more willingly.

    Happy jammy weekend.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  5. We'z purring fur Maxie. Yoor mom does too hafta give yoo treats, just acuz she's being sneaky does not mean she can skip da treats. Is jammy day where da beins go around in der jammeis all day? We hadded dat last Sunday! Well, mom did it, daddy spends most of his days walking around in just his unnerpants anyway.

  6. Ant picture deserves a treat. Even a blurry bad shot.

    Huge purrs for Maxie and his Family from us.

  7. Maxie will be in our thoughts and prayers.

  8. We are purring and praying for Maxie too.

    And we think that even clandistine frootbats deserve a treat!

    Have a great relaxing weekend - a jammy day sounds like a great idea!

  9. We are purring strong for Maxie...

    purr, Purr, purr, Purr, purr, Purr...

  10. Love the froots! We've been purring for Maxie

  11. I am late but I will go right over to Maxie and I will purr for him too
    Titus if there ever was a great mentor and some doggie I look up to, well that is you. You are the best doggie ever. I hope you got a treat too bonkiebonks for a super Jammie week-end
    it will be hot here and mom said she is going to bake goodies

  12. Titus
    I hope those tweats and Jammy day happen fow you.You cewtainly did youw bit fow giving us a bootiful Fwuit Bat Fwiday.

    I am pwaying fow Maxie..vewy hawd
    smoochie kisses

  13. Frooooooot bat! We are praying and purring real hard for Maxie.


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